Determination of stress concentration factors tensile strips with large circular holes.

Mutlu, Erkin


Determination of heavy metal concentration in feed and permeate streams of polymer enhanced ultrafiltration process
Muslehiddinoglu, J; Uludağ, Yusuf; Ozbelge, HO; Yılmaz, Levent (1998-08-01)
Polymer enhanced ultrafiltration (PEUF) is a newly developed method for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions. This method was applied for the removal of mercury and cadmium with the presence of polyethyleneimine (PEI) as a water soluble polymer. After ultrafiltration experiments for metal-polymer mixtures, two separate streams, namely, retentate and permeate, former of which contains mainly metal-polymer complex and free polymer molecules while latter of which mainly contains free metal ions, ...
Determination of bitumen content, stability values and resistance to adhesion of mineral aggregates of the bituminous mixtures.
Pekmen, Tuncer; Department of Civil Engineering (1967)
Determination of zinc coating thicknessby radioisotope x-ray fluorescence analysis.
Molva, Önder; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1979)
Determination of Internal Stress of Ni Electroplated Samples in Sulphamate Solutions
Aykac, B.; Erdogan, M.; Karakaya, İshak (2017-06-01)
Internal stress is a common problem affecting the functionality of the electroplated materials. The parameters of electrodeposition and additive materials that are soluble in the bath change the characteristics of the plating and affect the internal stress of the coatings. The influence of the electrodeposition parameters on the internal stress of Ni deposits from the nickel sulphamate baths were studied by the help of fractional factorial design. The parameters included temperature, pH, current density and...
Küçültülmüş Tambur Testi ile Demir Cevheri Peletleri Aşınma Dayanımı Belirlenmesi
Sivrikaya, Osman; Arol, Ali İhsan (null; 2019-04-19)
The tumbling-abrasion indices of iron ore pellets are measured according to instructions in ASTM E279- 97 (2010). This test measures the resistance of the product pellets under certain abrasive condition in a standard test drum. However, this test requires 11.3 kg pellet to carry out a single tumbling-abrasion test. This amount of pellet can be obtained from industrial-scale pellet production. However, it is impossible to produce this amount of pellet in laboratory-scale investigation since the capacities o...
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E. Mutlu, “Determination of stress concentration factors tensile strips with large circular holes.,” Middle East Technical University, 1981.