Implemetation of reed-solomon encoder and decoder using TM32010.

Atmaca, Fikri


Implemenation of an autonomous photovoltaic based DC supply with motor generator backup
Özcan, Levent Sinan; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1993)
Implemetaiton of a forth system.
Dokuzoğlu, M Zafer; Department of Electrical Engineering (1985)
Disassembly line balancing problem with fixed number of workstations and finite supply
Göksoy, Eda; Azizoğlu, Meral; Department of Industrial Engineering (2010)
In this thesis, we consider a Disassembly Line Balancing Problem (DLBP) with fixed number of workstations. We aim to maximize the total value of the recovered parts. We assume that there is a limited supply for the products to be disassembled. Different components can be obtained by disassembling different units of the product. Our aim is to assign the tasks to the workstations of the disassembly line so as to maximize the total value of the recovered parts. We present several upper and one lower bounding p...
Impelrmentation of a Snobol 4 interpreter.
Cağlayan, Mehmet Ufuk; Department of Computer Science (1975)
Disassembly line balancing with limited supply and subassembly availability
Altekin, FT; Kandiller, L; Özdemirel, Nur Evin (2003-10-30)
Disassembly line balancing problem (DLBP) aims at finding a feasible assignment of disassembly tasks to workstations such that precedence relations among tasks are satisfied and some measure of effectiveness is optimized. We consider partial disassembly under limited supply of a single product as well as availability of its subassemblies. Hence, in satisfying the demand for revenue generating parts, both discarded products and available subassemblies can be utilized. We assume that part revenues and demand,...
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F. Atmaca, “Implemetation of reed-solomon encoder and decoder using TM32010.,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.