Graduate Research for Architecture



Graduate Student Education in Discrete-time Control
Yaman, Ulaş; Mutlu, Barış R; Dölen, Melik; Koku, Ahmet Buğra (2008-09-05)
This paper presents an embedded control system course for graduate-student education / research. This course, which is to provide hands-on-experience, employs “lab-at-home” approach where the students are expected to design and implement various embedded control systems at home rather than a formal lab environment. With the utilization of a PC software in which complex systems (such as satellite tracking antenna, automatic washing machine, manipulators, etc) can be simulated realistically in non-real-time, ...
Graduate school of natural and applied sciences : electrical and electronic engineering
Aksay, Anıl; Akar, Gözde; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
In this thesis, a number of novel techniques for error resilient coding and streaming for multiview video are presented. First of all, a novel coding technique for stereoscopic video is proposed where additional coding gain is achieved by downsampling one of the views spatially or temporally based on the well-known theory that the human visual system can perceive high frequencies in 3D from the higher quality view. Stereoscopic videos can be coded at a rate upto 1.2 times that of monoscopic videos with litt...
Graduate students’ use of social media tools for thesis/dissertation research
Duman, Murat; Can, Gülfidan; Yıldırım, İbrahim Soner; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2015)
In this sequential mixed methods study, factors affecting graduate students’ use of social media tools for thesis/dissertation research purposes were explored. First, in the quantitative part of the study, a survey was administered to 507 graduate students in the Middle East Technical University to describe their use of social media tools for thesis/dissertation research purposes. The results of the survey indicated that the graduate students highly utilized academic social networks, wikis, collaborative wr...
Reference Module in Food Sciences
Kırtıl, Emrah; Kılercıoglu, Mete; Öztop, Halil Mecit (ELSEVIER, 2016-01-01)
Reference Module in Food Science
Kırtıl, Emrah; Öztop, Halil Mecit (Elsevier Science, Oxford/Amsterdam , 2016-03-01)
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