Data security in computer communication networks

Alameddine, Nazih


Data communications and networking for personal computers
Benli, İsmet; Tolun, Mehmet R.; Department of Computer Engineering (1989)
Data-parallel programming on Helios, Parallel environment and PVM
Sener, C; Paker, Y; Kiper, A (1996-09-27)
Parallel computing, increasingly used for computationally intensive problems, requires considerable expertise and time, limiting then widespread use. This article presents a data-parallel programming tool to simplify the task of developing parallel programs based on data-parallel type. It has been originally developed for the Hellos operating system running on a network of Transputers, and then ported to the IBM SP/2 system executing two parallel programming environments. With its interface to the C languag...
Cinar, Onur; Guncer, R. Haluk; Yazıcı, Adnan (2016-12-22)
Cloud computing and cloud systems are very popular in today's Information Technology (IT) and systems and have grown very quickly. Cloud computing helps organizations solve increasing IT costs such as their licenses, power consumption, physical protection, by providing better standardization, higher benefit, greater performance, and quicker responses of information services. Carrying vital importance for our private and secret information, cloud systems must provide extra security solutions for database sys...
Database security in private database clouds
Çınar, Onur; Yazıcı, Adnan; Baykal, Nazife; Department of Information Systems (2015)
Cloud computing and systems are very popular in today’s Information Technology and Systems and have grown extremely. Cloud computing helps organizations solve increasing IT costs such as their licenses,power consumption,physical protection,by providing better standardization,higher benefit,greater performance,and quick responses of information services. This thesis presents the study of ensuring database security in cloud computing, protecting data especially from internal attacks, and managing high volumes ...
Kilickaya, Mert; Erdem, Erkut; Erdem, Aykut; İKİZLER CİNBİŞ, NAZLI; Çakıcı, Ruket (2014-04-25)
Automatic image captioning, the process cif producing a description for an image, is a very challenging problem which has only recently received interest from the computer vision and natural language processing communities. In this study, we present a novel data-driven image captioning strategy, which, for a given image, finds the most visually similar image in a large dataset of image-caption pairs and transfers its caption as the description of the input image. Our novelty lies in employing a recently' pr...
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