Öfke ve Umudun Şehirde Yankılanan Sesi: Cahit Irgat Şiiri

Cahit (Saffet) Irgat (1915 – 1971), who was one of the poets of 1940 Socialist Realist Poetry Group,published his first poems with the signature of Cahit Saffet in the magazine Varlık in 1935. After writing those romantic poems under the influence of the "syllabist" movement, he adopted thesocialist- realism trend and changed his style. Although he was influenced by the two dominantmovements of Turkish poetry in the 1940s, Garip and Socialist - Realism, he eventually found hisown voice. Contrary to other socialist-realist poets, he tends to describe city life instead of villageand country, and the image of the city appears as a dominant element in his first poetry book Bu Şehrin Çocukları (1945). He transformes the images and impressions obtained by observing the cityinto poetical material. He continues the same attitude in his other poetry books, Rüzgârlarım Konuşuyor (1947), Ortalık (1952) and Irgat’ın Türküsü (1969). Although he deals with the theme ofhope in his poems, he has a pessimistic attitude towards the life and people of the city. Especially, in his poems which reflect the socio-economic conditions of World War II he treats the city as a place where poverty exists. Rüzgârlarım Konuşuyor is dedicated to cities invaded during the war andincludes the emotions of a poetry subject experiencing the city in a war atmosphere. Irgat wrotemany of his poems under the influence of the Second World War atmosphere. Because when helooks at the city, he sees death. This study will examine how the poet experienced the space and howhe transferred the language of the city to his poetry based on the image of the city that came to thefore in the works of Cahit Irgat, who wrote poems that touched on the problems of society with arealistic perspective
İstanbul Üniversitesi, II. Uluslararası Sosyal Bilimler Kongresi (CONGIST’19), 18 - 20 September 2019


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