An Attempt of measuring art taste of a group of music students in Ankara

Eren, Ozan
Since its publication in 1984, Pierre Bourdieu’s prominent work called Distinction has been admired, imitated and discussed. Based on the research question of how tastes are shaped within relation to cultural capital, social capital and economic capital, this study aims to develop a descriptive analysis to measure different tastes of baglama students, regularly attending an urban–based music house, in Kızılay, Ankara. In order to trace the original study conducted by Bourdieu in 1980s to measure the tastes and stick to the later study in Britain which is more applicable and easier to operationalize, this study aims to question tastes of young people attending baglama courses, based on a long–lasting interview including sub–sections observing social/cultural/economic capital and tastes of interviewees.The most important contribution of this thesis in the field of sociology of art is that it aims to develop a methodological tool adapted to Turkey in order to assess cultural consumption and taste. More explicitly, it is the first attempt in Turkey to measure art taste of music students in an urban based music house.
Citation Formats
O. Eren, “An Attempt of measuring art taste of a group of music students in Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.