Polydispersity in polystyrenes for low and high conversion free radical polymerization initiated by 2.5-dimethyl 2.5 dihydroperoxy hexane.

Berkem, Selçuk


Polylactic acid recycling with environmentally benign fluids
Bozcuoğlu, Çağla; Dilek Hacıhabiboğlu, Çerağ; Sezgi, Naime Aslı; Department of Chemical Engineering (2022-2)
In the past few decades, petroleum-based polymers have been replaced by biodegradable polymers since they bring about environmental problems. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a good candidate for this replacement due to its biocompatible and biodegradable nature and favorable mechanical and thermal properties. Due to the increase in usage and demand, there will be a PLA waste problem in the near future. Although PLA is classified as a biodegradable polymer, only a few microorganisms, which are not present in all so...
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes appended conjugated soluble polymers based on thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6,dione acceptor unit
Çakal, Deniz; Önal, Ahmet Muhtar (2021-05-01)
A series of new donor-acceptor-donor type fluorescent molecules incorporating thieno[3,4-c]pyrrole-4,6-dione (TPD) as the acceptor unit were synthesized. TPD acceptor unit was modified with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS) cages and integrated with thiophene and alkylenedioxythiophene derivatives (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT) and 3,4-propylenedioxythiophene (ProDOT)) using Stille coupling reaction. The monomers, T-2-POSS, E-2-POSS, and P-2-POSS, were polymerized successfully via electrochem...
Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes, solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide and application in porous polymers
Novendra, Novendra; Kanya, Başak; Güney, Aysun; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Dilek Hacıhabiboğlu, Çerağ (null; 2014-10-19)
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-substituted push-pull chromophores: an investigation of optoelectronic and nonlinear optical properties using experimental and theoretical approaches
Dengiz, Çağatay (2021-01-01)
A series of new push-pull chromophores were synthesized in moderate to very high yields (65%-97%) by treating TCNE and TCNQ with alkynes substituted by electron-rich diethylaniline and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Some of the chromophores exhibit strong intramolecular charge-transfer bands in the near-1R region with lambda(max). values between 695 and 749 nm. With the help of experimental and theoretical analysis, it is concluded that the trend in lambda(max) values is affected by PAH substituents ster...
Polyaniline - Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite Electrodes for Supercapacitors
Aydınlı, Alptekin; Ünalan, Hüsnü Emrah (null; 2017-10-24)
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S. Berkem, “Polydispersity in polystyrenes for low and high conversion free radical polymerization initiated by 2.5-dimethyl 2.5 dihydroperoxy hexane.,” Middle East Technical University, 1976.