“An Overview of Portfolio-Based Writing Assessment and the Debate on Corrective Feedback: A Case Study”

The aim of this study was to explore the views of preparatory school instructors at a state university in Turkey regarding the portfolio assessment system they were required to implement in the writing courses and their error correction practices, namely giving feedback using correction symbols. The participants of the study were 100 EFL instructors teaching at different levels in prep-school. A portfolio attitude survey was administered to 100 teachers, and semi-structured interviews were conducted with 15 instructors regarding the use of portfolio assessment and corrective feedback in their department and their views on the ways to address the concerns regarding the error correction practices. The quantitative results from the surveys revealed that the majority of the teachers had neither positive nor negative views on portfolio use in the department, while the interview results showed that the portfolio system was ineffective especially with lower level students because these students could not understand the feedback provided with symbols and make the necessary corrections.


A Post-use evaluation of an EFL coursebook from the perspectives of preparatory school students and instructors: a mixed methods study
Öz, Özlem; Savaş, Perihan; Department of English Language Teaching (2019)
The purpose of this convergent parallel mixed methods design study was to conduct a post-use evaluation of the coursebook New Language Leader Intermediate from the perspectives of students and instructors at a language preparatory school of a public university in Turkey. 202 students provided quantitative data about various aspects of the coursebook through a researcher-developed survey which also contained open-ended questions about the coursebook. 20 instructors completed the instructors’ version of the s...
Integrating critical thinking skills into planning and implementation of teaching Turkish : a comparative case study of three teachers
Türkmen Dağlı, Melek; Yıldırım, Ali; Department of Educational Sciences (2008)
This study aimed to investigate how teachers integrated the development of students' critical thinking skills into their teaching during the three major phases of their teaching, namely, their planning practices, interactive practices, and reflective practices and to evaluate the influence of their instruction as felt by students in fourth grade Turkish course. The study was conducted as a comparative case study in which three teachers from three different primary schools participated. Data were collected t...
Hiding in the shadow of centralised education system: an exploratory analysis of instructional leadership with respect to socioeconomic status
Çınar, Rıdvan; Emil, Serap; Gökalp, Gökçe; Department of Educational Sciences (2016)
The purpose of this research was to explore instructional leadership practices of Turkish public primary and secondary school principals and to map out similarities and differences between schools that have different SES based on their location. Participants of the study were 12 public primary and secondary school principals and 12 teachers in Ankara. Semi-structured interviews with principals and teachers were used for data collection. The qualitative data were analyzed through content analysis via Nvivo. ...
Turkish student teachers' concerns about teaching
Boz, Yezdan (Informa UK Limited, 2008-01-01)
The purpose of this study was to examine the teaching concerns of Turkish student teachers and how these concerns differ among year groups within the teacher education programme. Data were collected from 339 student teachers using the Teacher Concerns Checklist. Analysis of the data, including both descriptive statistics and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA), showed that student teachers held more task-related concerns, but had the fewest self-survival concerns. In addition, fifth-year prospective ...
Internal and external alignment of the material adaptation and development education given by an EFL teacher education program in Turkey /
Tekir, Serpil; Akar, Hanife; Department of Educational Sciences (2016)
The aim of the study was two-fold: first, to investigate to what extent the instructional materials education given by an EFL Teacher Education program at a state university in central Turkey is aligned to the explicit policies and standards set at macro level; second, to analyse the internal alignment among the written, taught, learned and tested curricula of the teacher education program with respect to the instructional materials education being given. With these purposes, the study adopted a multi-phase...
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