A Reconfigurable Microfluidic Transmitarray Unit Cell

Erdil, Emre
Topalli, Kağan
Zorlu, Özge
Toral, Taylan
Yıldırım, Ender
Külah, Haluk
Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem


A Reconfigurable Microfluidic Transmitarray Unit Cell
Erdil, Emre; Topalli, Kagan; Zorlu, Ozge; Toral, Taylan; YILDIRIM, ENDER; KÜLAH, HALUK; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2013-04-12)
This paper presents a novel microfluidics based approach to develop a reconfigurable circularly polarized transmitarray unit cell. The unit cell comprises double layer nested split ring slots formed as microfluidic channels that can be filled by fluids. Split regions in the slots are realized by injecting liquid metal into the channels. Beam steering is obtained by implementing rotational phase shifting via manipulating the liquid metal in the slots. X-band unit cell prototypes are fabricated on glass subst...
A high voltage spark gap voltmeter with remote control and measurement .
Sarwar, Javed; Department of Electrical Engineering (1983)
A mu g resolution microaccelerometer system with a second-order Sigma-Delta readout circuitry
Kepenek, Reha; Ocak, Ilker Ender; Külah, Haluk; Akın, Tayfun (2008-06-25)
This paper reports a 2(nd) order electromechanical sigma-delta accelerometer system. Accelerometer is fabricated using Dissolved Wafer Process, and has a structural thickness of 15 mu m. A large proof mass is used to decrease the mechanical noise of the accelerometer and 306 fingers per side are used to increase the sensitivity and operation range of the accelerometer. In order to obtain a high resolution, low noise accelerometer system, a fully differential, closed loop, oversampled sigma-delta capacitive ...
A reconfigurable RF MEMS triple stub impedance matching network
Unlu, M.; Topalli, K.; Atasoy, H.I.; Temocin, E.U.; Istanbulluoglu, I.; Bayraktar, O.; Demir, Şimşek; Civi, O.A.; Koç, Seyit Sencer; Akın, Tayfun (2006-09-12)
This paper presents a reconligurable triple stub impedance matching network using RF MEMS technology centered at 10GHz. The device is capable of covering impedances on the whole Smith Chart. The device structure consists of three variable length stubs which are designed as distributed MEMS transmission lines and two lambda(g)/8 length CPW transmission fines connecting the stubs. The variable length stubs are implemented with 12 MEMS switches over CPW lines and CPW lines connecting the switches. lambda(g)/8 ...
A wireless batch sealed absolute capacitive pressure sensor
Akar, O.; Akın, Tayfun; Najafi, K. (Elsevier BV, 2001-12-15)
This paper reports the development of an absolute wireless pressure sensor that consists of a capacitive sensor and a gold-electroplated planar coil. Applied pressure deflects a 6 mum-thin silicon diaphragm, changing the capacitance formed between it and a metal electrode supported on a glass substrate. The resonant frequency of the LC circuit formed by the capacitor and the inductor changes as the capacitance changes; this change is sensed remotely through inductive coupling, eliminating the need for wire ...
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