Exploring Stabilization Alternatives for a Lime-Softening Sludge with a High Organic Content

Stabilization of the sludge originating from a water treatment plant, where a lime‐soda softening of the creek water containing a high organic matter is employed, was investigated. Several stabilization alternatives, namely, aerobic stabilization, acid stabilization, base stabilization, lime stabilization and thermal stabilization were tested. Thermal stabilization outperformed among the others. It was observed that exposing the sludge to at least 375°C would render the sludge disposable into non‐ hazardous waste landfills. Aerobic stabilization did not work at all. Acid, base and lime stabilization processes, though resulted in the organic content decrease from 6 to 9% in the sludge, could not satisfy the leachate organic content criteria of 80 mg L‐1 DOC, since, probably, the organic matters in the sludge became less adsorbable to the sludge and, hence, more leachable to the bulk solution.
2nd Int Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management, 12 - 14 Haziran 2014


A Multi-Scale Approach for Improved Characterization of Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions: Integrating Thermal Remote Sensing and in-Stream Measurements
VARLI, Dilge; Yılmaz, Koray Kamil (2018-07-01)
The interaction between surface water and groundwater is recognized as a key process for effective management of water resources. However, scale dependency and spatial heterogeneity of the processes at the interface are limiting factors in the characterization of this process. A hierarchical, multi scale methodology has been devised and demonstrated to effectively and efficiently characterize the surface water-groundwater interaction along a 2-km reach in Kirmir stream, Turkey. Our methodology starts with i...
Numerical modeling of seawater groundwater relationships in the Selçuk sub basın, İzmir Turkey
Hassan, Abubakr; Çamur, Mehmet Zeki; Department of Geological Engineering (2004)
Seawater-fresh groundwater natural equilibrium conditions in the aquifers of the Selçuk sub-basin may be disturbed by the discharge occurred during the past 30 years in order to supply water for irrigation and domestic purpose usage. Two dimensional density dependent cross sectional saturated flow and solute transport simulations were carried out to determine whether seawater intrusion has occurred in the Selçuk sub-basin due to the imposed discharge or the determined salt-water in the western section of th...
SOYUPAK, S; Gökçay, Celal Ferdi; YERLI, S; ERDEN, S; AKBAY, N; CILESIZ, AF (1994-03-01)
Water quality properties and trophic status of Keban Dam Reservoir have been assessed in detail. The dissolved oxygen contours exhibited somewhat unusual behaviour of temporarily established intermediate layers of low dissolved oxygen concentrations. The phytoplankton species were identified and their composition was evaluated. The reservoir is eutrophic in general terms. However, lotic and limnetic zones of the reservoir have shown different trophic status.
Tracking transformation processes of organic micropollutants in aquatic environments using multi-element isotope fractionation analysis
Hofstetter, Thomas B.; Bolotin, Jakov; Skarpeli-Liati, Marita; Wijker, Reto; Kurt, Zöhre; Nishino, Shirley F.; Spain, Jim C. (Elsevier BV, 2011-06-01)
The quantitative description of enzymatic or abiotic transformations of man-made organic micropollutants in rivers, lakes, and groundwaters is one of the major challenges associated with the risk assessment of water resource contamination. Compound-specific isotope analysis enables one to identify (bio)degradation pathways based on changes in the contaminants' stable isotope ratios even if multiple reactive and non-reactive processes cause concentrations to decrease. Here, we investigated how the magnitude ...
Evaluation of CaCO3 clogging in emitters with magnetized saline waters
ŞAHİN, Üstün; Tunc, Talip; Eroğlu, Seçkin (2012-02-01)
High water application uniformity is essential for an effective irrigation. Clogging of emitters in drip irrigation systems is one of the most important factors decreasing uniformity. In this study, the possible effect of magnetization of water on chemical clogging of dripline emitters was investigated. Separate experiments were conducted with three different saline waters (W-1: 0.314 dS m(-1), W-2: 0.665 dS m(-1), W-3: 0.937 dS m(-1)) having a high pH and a positive Langelier saturation index (LSI). Discha...
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