Discovery of Structural Variations in Ancient Genomes

Söylev, Arda
Alkan, Can
Somel, Mehmet


Discovery of Novel Potassium Ion Channel Blocing Peptides from Scorpion Venom
Hüsnügil, Hepşen Hazal; Ağyüz, Umut; Biber, Ayşenur; Özen, Can (2014-09-14)
Discovery of non-carbohydrate inhibitors of aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes
Welch, KT; Virga, KG; Whittemore, NA; Özen, Can; Wright, E; Brown, CL; Lee, RE; Serpersu, EH (2005-11-15)
Chemical modification and inactivation of aminoglycosides by many different enzymes expressed in pathogenic bacteria are the main mechanisms of bacterial resistance to these antibiotics. In this work, we designed inhibitors that contain the 1,3-diamine pharmacophore shared by all aminoglycoside antibiotics that contain the 2-deoxystreptamine ring. A discovery library of molecules was prepared by attaching different side chains to both sides of the 1,3-diamine motif. Several of these diamines showed inhibito...
Discovery of irradiation-induced variations in the light curve of the classical nova V2275 Cyg (N Cyg 2001 No. 2)
Balman, Şölen; Yilmaz, A; Retter, A; Saygac, T; Esenoglu, H (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2005-01-11)
We present charge-coupled device (CCD) photometry, light curve and time-series analysis of the classical nova V2275 Cyg (N Cyg 2001 No. 2). The source was observed for 14 nights in total in 2002 and 2003 using an R filter with the 1.5-m Russian-Turkish joint telescope (RTT150) at the TUBITAK National Observatory in Antalya, Turkey, as part of a large programme on the CCD photometry of cataclysmic variables. We report the detection of two distinct periodicities in the light curve of the nova: (a) P-1 = 0.314...
Discovery of recombining plasma inside the extended gamma-ray supernova remnant HB9
Sezer, A.; Ergin, Tülün; Yamazaki, R.; Sano, H.; Fukui, Y. (2019-11-01)
We present the results from the Suzaku X-ray Imaging Spectrometer observation of the mixed-morphology supernova remnant (SNR) HB9 (G160.9+2.6). We discovered recombining plasma (RP) in the western Suzaku observation region and the spectra here are well described by a model having collisional ionization equilibrium (CIE) and RP components. On the other hand, the X-ray spectra from the eastern Suzaku observation region are best reproduced by the CIE and non-equilibrium ionization model. We discuss possible sc...
Observation of band gaps in amorphous photonic structures with different temperatures in the near infrared
Kocaman, Serdar; Di, Wang; Mikael, Rechtsman; Wong, Chee Wei (2014-06-13)
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