Ionospheric hf channel and tracking ability of kalman algorithm

Nergis, Aydın


Ionospheric tec measurements by ATS-6 satellite.
Gerçek, Gökhan; Department of Electrical Engineering (1977)
Ion sensing coupled to resonance energy transfer: A highly selective and sensitive ratiometric fluorescent chemosensor for Ag(I) by a modular approach
Coskun, A; Akkaya, EU (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2005-08-03)
We report a novel dimeric boradiazaindacene dye which can be converted in one step to an efficient resonance energy transfer (RET) dyad. In addition, if this modification is done with appropriate ligands, RET can be coupled to ion sensing. The utility of this approach is demonstrated in a highly selective, emission ratiometric chemosensor for Ag(I).
Ion-matrix sheaths related to targets with grooves
Demokan, O (2002-05-01)
In this work, the ion-matrix sheath near a target with a rectangular groove is studied analytically. A two-dimensional model with a single groove is adopted. The potential and electric-field profiles within the groove are analyzed to provide insight regarding the uniformity and efficiency of ion implantation on its walls. The deviation of the sheath edge from the planar geometry is also illustrated. (C) 2002 American Institute of Physics.
Ion implantation in plasmas with diminishing positive column.
Akman, Sema; Demokan, Ordal; Department of Physics (2002)
Ion implantation in planar targets with semi-cylindrical grooves.
Filiz, Yasemin; Demokan, Ordal; Department of Physics (2002)
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A. Nergis, “Ionospheric hf channel and tracking ability of kalman algorithm,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.