System Identification of A Composite Sandwich Plate For Active Vibration Control Applications

Aksoy, Yunus Tansu
Şahin, Melin


System identification of instrumented bridge systems
Arıcı, Yalın (Wiley, 2003-06-01)
Several recorded motions for seven bridge systems in California during recent earthquakes were analysed using parametric and non-parametric system identification (SI) methods. The bridges were selected considering the availability of an adequate array of accelerometers and accounting for different structural systems, materials, geometry and soil types. The results of the application of SI methods included identification of modal frequencies and damping ratios. Excellent fits of the recorded motion in the ti...
System integration of MEMS devices on flexible substrate for fully implantable cochlear implant applications
Soydan, Alper Kaan; Külah, Haluk; Department of Micro and Nanotechnology (2019)
This master thesis is a result of multidisciplinary research bringing together concepts in electronics engineering, implant technologies, materials science, microfabrication, and device physics. Advancements in healthcare technology and in-vivo implants, electronic devices implemented on flexible substrates are highly demanded in the near future. In order to create a physically flexible device which consists of rigid sub-systems serving distinct purposes and made up of varying types of materials, we need re...
System identification and modeling of bridge systems for assessing current design procedures
Arıcı, Yalın (null; 2000-11-01)
System Identification of Legged Locomotion via Harmonic Transfer Functions and Piecewise LTI Approximation
Uyanık, İsmail; Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert; Cowan, Noah; Morgül, Ömer; Saranlı, Uluç (null; 2014-06-13)
System Identification and Controller Development for a Small Turbojet Engine
Ekinci, Sinan; Kutay, Ali Türker; Uzol, Oğuz; Yiğittürk, Melih (null; 2011-09-16)
This paper presents the results of a system identification and controller development study for a small generic turbojet engine. Custom Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) system hardware and embedded software are designed and implemented on the engine. The system also controls the automatic start-up sequence for the engine to ensure a safe and guaranteed ignition under all-weather conditions as well as safe acceleration until the engine reaches the idle speed. The shut-down sequence is also contr...
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