Tarihi Türk hamamlarının akustik nitelikleri: özgün hali ve bugünkü durumu

Comprehensive studies are needed to discover the original acoustical features of historical Turkish baths and to keep their functioning together with their inherent characteristics for long periods of time. The main concern of the study wasthe discovery of original acoustical features the Kadı Hamamı(Diyarbakır) and Şengül Hamamı (Ankara), two 15thcentury historical baths belonging to the Ottoman period, and acoustical failures occurred in time due to the recent improper repairs. The historical baths had originally well-designed acoustical features. This success was attributed to the conscious use of historical lime plastershaving high sound absorption characteristics.The original acoustical features of these structures have been destroyed due to thewrong repairs using cement-based plasters,which had considerably-lower sound absorption coefficientsthan the historic ones.
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A. Tavukçuoğlu, A. Aydın, and M. Çalışkan, “Tarihi Türk hamamlarının akustik nitelikleri: özgün hali ve bugünkü durumu,” presented at the 9.Ulusal Akustik Kongresi 26-27 Mayıs 2011, METU, Ankara, TURKEY, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/82818.