Prospective Teachers’ Views on the Physical Environment of an Education Faculty

The purpose of this study is to identify the views of the prospective teachers on the physical conditions of the building they are studying at and to evaluate the physical environment of a teacher training institution. Data were collected through using a data collection instrument developed by the researchers. The data collection instrument consists of three parts: the Participant Information Form, the “Physical Environment Assessment Scale”, and the “Physical Environment - Student Emotion and Value Scale”. A total of 205 prospective teachers (127 females, 78 males) from a public university in Ankara participated in the study. The data were analyzed with descriptive analysis. According to the results of the study, the prospective teachers’ views about the building of the education faculty and their physical facilities are mostly negative. While the physical conditions in which the participants have the most positive view are related to heat, light and order, the issues on which they have the most negative view are related to lack of areas for social and cultural activities and study. In other words, as there are not sufficient spaces conducive to extracurricular activities in the education faculty, the prospective teachers think that the physical environment does not encourage them to participate in the study, research and social activities. The findings also indicated that the inadequacy of physical facilities created negative feelings among prospective teachers about the physical facilities of the faculty of education. This might cause them to develop negative perceptions and feelings among the participants on the importance given to the field of education at the university.
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