Okul öncesi dönem hikâye kitaplarındaki oyun algısının incelenmesi

Kılınçcı, Emine
Çetken, Hatice Şebnem
Play is an instinctive activity that supports children's multiple developments and improves their communication skills, creativity and imagination by creating an entertaining learning environment for them. Play, which takes place in every aspect of the child's life, is also a frequently used theme in children's literature. When children's literature’s effects on children's creativity, the definition of the world, the meaning of life, the preparation of the future from the spiritual and mental side, the self-definition and meaning of emotions are considered, the themes used and how these themes are presented is very crucial. Children can revive the characters found in books, where these themes are written, the activities of the characters, and the play places in their imagination and carry them to their own lives. For this reason, the themes, characters, activities, places and materials used are important elements. Although, the concept of play, which has a crucial place in children's lives, is also one of the topics to be investigated in children's literature, no studies have been found in the literature. For this reason, the purpose of this study is to examine the place of play in the early childhood period story books. For this purpose, 50 early childhood storybooks published in and after the year 2010, which have a specific event pattern and play, were chosen as the sample of the study. These books were examined under the headings of the type of play, with whom they were played, the materials and equipment used. In addition, it has been looked at whether play is in the illustration, texts, or both of them. The study is a descriptive study and purposeful sampling is used. According to the results, while the most seen play types are constructive and functional play, the least seen play type is dramatic play. It was also found that when the children were playing mostly with peer groups by using outdoor materials such as balls, snow and sand, there were little loose materials. At the same time, the concept of play is included in both texts and illustrations. Considering the results of this study, it is suggested that play and materials in early childhood period children's books should be enriched by publishing houses, authors and cartoonists.
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E. Kılınçcı and H. Ş. Çetken, “Okul öncesi dönem hikâye kitaplarındaki oyun algısının incelenmesi,” Antalya, Türkiye, 2017, p. 2272, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/83260.