Connecting IMB personal computers with burroughs.

Belger, Zafer


Connecting Data and Chance
Konold, Cliff; Kazak, Sibel (2008-04-09)
Finding sensing coverage and breach paths in wireless sensor networks
Onur, Ertan; Delic, H (2004-01-01)
Most of the recent studies on wireless sensor networks deal with the communication coverage. However, for the surveillance wireless sensor networks, sensing coverage is an open research area. In this paper, the sensing coverage area of surveillance wireless sensor networks is studied. The sensing coverage is determined by applying Neyman-Pearson Detection Model and Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm is applied to find the weakest breach path. Although individually not enough, breach probability is an approp...
Communicating corporate identity through form attributes and evaluating visual analogy of digital cameras
Çekceoğlu, Engin; Asatekin, Mehmet; Department of Industrial Design (2006)
The basic notion of this study is related with visual attributes of products which reflect the identity of the company as well as form and design consistency which is a factor forming corporate identity. The sub-notions of the topic are elaborated in the literature review. The efforts which aimed at finding out the distinguishing characteristics of products focused on certain sample products. Digital camera is selected for the field study. The objective of the study is to put evidence that firms can be dist...
Fitting low-order transfer function models to messy biological data
Ankaralı, Mustafa Mert; Sefati, Shahin; Cowan, Noah (null; 2014-03-29)
Biological systems are not low order, linear, nor time invariant. But it is often useful to model them as such. Given the significant variability in biological systems, we want to fit models that are robust to biological “noise”—such as trial-totrial variability, differences between individuals, sex differences, and parameter drift that may occur over time—but that nevertheless capture the system behavior in a parsimonious manner. Here, we present a straightforward approach for fitting low-order parametr...
Linking prime 2250, DEC LSI-11/2 & IBM PSII/30 through planet lan
Ahmad, Sami; Aktaş, Ziya; Department of Computer Engineering (1988)
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