Book Review: Golato, Andrea. (2005). Compliments and Compliment Responses

''Compliments and Compliment Responses: Grammatical Structure and Sequential Organization'' lives up to its name and provides a well- organised, detailed and comprehensive analysis of compliments and compliment responses in German. This book is not only an excellent example of research on talk-in-interaction but also a work that sets an agenda for future developments in the field. One of the main contributions of this conversational analytic work is that it raises the standards of research in this area and introduces readers to innovative scientific reasoning. The book consists of seven well-written, interesting and stimulating chapters and each one of them deals with compliments and/or compliment responses from a different perspective: Chapter 1: Preliminaries (pp. 1-9), Chapter 2: Methodology (pp. 11-25), Chapter 3: Giving Compliments: The Design of First Compliment Turns (pp. 27- 84), Chapter 4: Giving Compliments: Sequential Embedding and Function of First Compliment Turns (pp. 85-132), Chapter 5: Compliments in Multi-party Interactions: Third Parties Providing Second Compliments (pp. 133-166), Chapter 6: Compliment Responses (pp. 167-199), Chapter 7: Concluding Discussions (pp. 201-212). Notes, references, name and subject indices are given at the end of the book. This review will first, present a concise description of the content of each of the chapters and will then offer critical assessment of the book as a whole.
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Ç. Hatipoğlu, Book Review: Golato, Andrea. (2005). Compliments and Compliment Responses. 2005, p. 6.