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Differential diagnosis of the honey bee trypanosomatids Crithidia mellificae and Lotmaria passim
Ravoet, Jorgen; Schwarz, Ryan S.; Descamps, Tine; Yanez, Orlando; Tozkar, Cansu Ozge; Martin-Hernandez, Raquel; Bartolome, Carolina; De Smet, Lina; Higes, Mariano; Wenseleers, Tom; Schmid-Hempel, Regula; Neumann, Peter; Kadowaki, Tatsuhiko; Evans, Jay D.; de Graaf, Dirk C. (2015-09-01)
Trypanosomatids infecting honey bees have been poorly studied with molecular methods until recently. After the description of Crithidia mellificae (Langridge and McGhee, 1967) it took about forty years until molecular data...
Indigo - A Natural Pigment for High Performance Ambipolar Organic Field Effect Transistors and Circuits
Irimia-Vladu, Mihai; Glowacki, Eric D.; Troshin, Pavel A.; Schwabegger, Guenther; Leonat, Lucia; Susarova, Diana K.; Krystal, Olga; Ullah, Mujeeb; Kanbur, Yasin; Bodea, Marius A.; Razumov, Vladimir F.; Sitter, Helmut; Bauer, Siegfried; Sariciftci, Niyazi Serdar (Wiley, 2012-01-17)
Millennium-old natural dye indigo - a "new" ambipolar organic semiconductor. Indigo shows balanced electron and hole mobilities of 1 x 10(-2) cm(2) V-1 s-1 and good stability against degradation in air. Inverters with gain...
Enzymatic Mineralization of Hydrogels for Bone Tissue Engineering by Incorporation of Alkaline Phosphatase
Douglas, Timothy E. L.; Messersmith, Philip B.; Chasan, Safak; Mikos, Antonios G.; de Mulder, Eric L. W.; Dickson, Glenn; Schaubroeck, David; Balcaen, Lieve; Vanhaecke, Frank; Dubruel, Peter; Jansen, John A.; Leeuwenburgh, Sander C. G. (Wiley, 2012-08-01)
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP), an enzyme involved in mineralization of bone, is incorporated into three hydrogel biomaterials to induce their mineralization with calcium phosphate (CaP). These are collagen type I, a mussel-pr...
Toward predicting climate change effects on lakes: a comparison of 1656 shallow lakes from Florida and Denmark reveals substantial differences in nutrient dynamics, metabolism, trophic structure, and top-down control
Jeppesen, Erik; Canfield, Daniel E.; Bachmann, Roger W.; Sondergaard, Martin; Havens, Karl E.; Johansson, Liselotte S.; Lauridsen, Torben L.; Tserenpil, Sh; Rutter, Robert P.; Warren, Gary; Ji, Gaohua; Hoyer, Mark (Informa UK Limited, 2020-04-01)
Rapid climate changes may potentially have strong impacts on the ecosystem structure and nutrient dynamics of lakes as well as implications for water quality. We used a space-for-time approach to elucidate such possible ef...
An affordable and reliable assessment of aquatic decomposition: Tailoring the Tea Bag Index to surface waters
Seelen, Laura M. S.; Flaim, Giovanna; Keuskamp, Joost; Teurlincx, Sven; Font, Raquel Arias; Tolunay, Duygu; Frankova, Marketa; Sumberova, Katerina; Temponeras, Maria; Lenhardt, Mirjana; Jennings, Eleanor; Domis, Lisette N. de Senerpont (2019-03-15)
Litter decomposition is a vital part of the global carbon cycle as it determines not only the amount of carbon to be sequestered, but also how fast carbon re-enters the cycle. Freshwater systems play an active role in the ...
Conservation Focus on Europe: Major Conservation Policy Issues That Need to Be Informed by Conservation Science
Pullin, Andrew S.; Baldi, Andras; Can, Ozgun Emre; Dieterich, Martin; Kati, Vassiliki; Livoreil, Barbara; Lovei, Gabor; Mihok, Barbara; Nevin, Owen; Selva, Nuria; Sousa-Pinto, Isabel (2009-08-01)
Europe is one of the world's most densely populated continents and has a long history of human-dominated land- and seascapes. Europe is also at the forefront of developing and implementing multinational conservation effort...
Danish and other European experiences in managing shallow lakes
Jeppesen, Erik; Sondergaard, Martin; Lauridsen, Torben L.; Kronvang, Brian; Bekiloglu, Meryern; Lammens, Eddy; Jensen, Henning S.; Koehler, Jan; Ventela, Anne-Mari; Tarvainen, Marjo; Tatrai, Istvan (2007-12-01)
For a century eutrophication has been the most serious environmental threat to lakes in the densely populated or agricultural areas of Europe. During the last decades, however, major efforts have been used to reduce the ex...
Interaction between non-native predatory fishes and native galaxiids (Pisces: Galaxiidae) shapes food web structure in Tasmanian lakes
Vidal, Nicolas; Trochine, Carolina; Amsinck, Susanne L.; Barmuta, Leon A.; Christoffersen, Kirsten S.; Ventura, Marc; Buchaca, Teresa; Landkildehus, Frank; Hardie, Scott A.; Meerhoff, Mariana; Jeppesen, Erik (Informa UK Limited, 2020-04-01)
Non-native fish invasions threaten native fauna and ecosystem functioning, not least in isolated island lakes. In Tasmania, where the native fish are mostly galaxiids, 9 non-native freshwater fish species have been introdu...
Decadal changes in zooplankton biomass, composition, and body mass in four shallow brackish lakes in Denmark subjected to varying degrees of eutrophication
He, Hu; Jeppesen, Erik; Bruhn, Dan; Yde, Morten; Hansen, Jacob Kjerulf; Spanggaard, Lasse; Madsen, Niels; Liu, Wei; Sondergaard, Martin; Lauridsen, Torben L. (Informa UK Limited, 2020-04-01)
During the past century, many brackish shallow lakes worldwide have become eutrophic. How the zooplankton have responded to this development is not well elucidated. Here, we analysed the decadal changes (from 1999-2000 to ...
Curcumin ameliorates impaired insulin/IGF signalling and memory deficit in a streptozotocin-treated rat model
IŞIK, AHMET TURAN; Celik, Turgay; Ulusoy, Gokhan; Ongoru, Onder; Elibol, Birsen; Doruk, Huseyin; Bozoglu, Ergun; Kayir, Hakan; Mas, Mehmet Refik; Akman, Serif (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2009-03-01)
Increased serum insulin levels and reduced peripheral insulin activities seen in insulin resistance syndrome are associated with age-dependent cognitive impairment and Sporadic Alzheimer's Disease (SAD), suggesting a distu...