Student Preferences for M Learning Application Characteristics

Delialioğlu, Ömer
Alioon, Yasaman
This study attempts to find out students' expectations from mobile learning (m-learning) applications. The relationship between students' grade levels (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) and their preferred m-learning application characteristics were analyzed. A questionnaire on students' preferences in m-learning applications was used as the data collection instrument to 78 undergraduate students in a public university to 3 majors namely IT, Computer and Electronics engineering during summer 2013 semester. ANOVA analysis was used on the collected data. The results showed that the availability and easy usage of mobile applications are among the most preferred characteristics of applications. Surprisingly, entertaining feature was the least expected feature by students. In general, there was a differences among students' perception related to their expected educational m-learning applications considering their majors and school experience.
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