Assessing the Effectiveness of Incubators: The Case of Turkey

We assess the effectiveness of technology incubators in Turkey in supporting small and new firms. Information on 48 on-incubator and 41 off-incubator firms is gathered through face-to-face interviews to compare and to contrast those that benefit from incubators with those that do not. Our findings indicate differences between on- and off-incubator firms regarding their economic performance, highly in favor of on-incubator firms, but the same cannot be put forward concerning innovative output. We found financial support mechanisms and incubator support services important in explaining these performance differentials. We further argue that the impact of entrepreneur characteristics, business networking and interaction with universities are not strong enough.
Citation Formats
İ. S. Akçomak and E. Taymaz, Assessing the Effectiveness of Incubators: The Case of Turkey. 2007, p. 265.