Pitting corrosion in base metal dental casting alloys

Alanyalıoğlu, Tevfik Alp


Residual stress and Young's modulus measurement of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer membranes
Yaralioglu, GG; Ergun, AS; Bayram, Barış; Marentis, T; Khuri-Yakub, BT (2001-01-01)
Membranes supported by posts are used as vibrating elements of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs). The residual stress built up during the fabrication process determines the transducer properties such as resonance frequency, collapse voltage, and gap distance. Hence, it is important to evaluate and control the stress in thin film CMUT membranes. The residual stress in the membrane causes significant vertical displacements at the center of the membrane. The stress bends the membrane post...
Design of selective linear phase cross-coupled dielectric resonator filters
Öztürk, Onur Ozan; Dural Ünver, Mevlüde Gülbin; Yıldırım, Nevzat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
In this work, a selective linear phase filter is designed in cross-coupled form using dielectric resonators in Ku band to be used as a channel filter in IMUX of a satellite receiver. Extreme delay flatness is required: 1.5ns delay ripple over 60 % of the passband and symmetric cross-coupled filter with all ideal inverter couplings realizing four finite transmission zeros (FTZ) satisfying also the delay flatness requirements. Design is carried out on the software program FILPRO, then optimized in ADSTM and t...
Analysis of Confidence Levels and Application Success Rates in Simulator-Based Dental Anesthesia Education Among Undergraduate Dental Students
Vural, Çağıl; Bozkurt, Poyzan; Vardar Acar, Ceren; Üçok, Cahit (2021-06-01)
Purpose: We investigated the confidence levels of undergraduate dental students who used dental anesthesia simulators and patient reports of undergraduate dental students' confidence levels in delivering anesthesia injections, in comparison with undergraduate dental students who did not use dental anesthesia simulators. We also investigated application success rates. Materials and Methods: The study was carried out in the dental anesthesia simulator laboratory and in the faculty clinics of the Faculty of De...
Electromagnetic analysis and design of miniaturized branchline couplers /
Arıcan, Galip Orkun; Sayan, Gönül; Şen, Özlem; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014)
Branchline couplers are widely used components in the design of microwave devices. In addition to other applications, these couplers have been crucial elements for high power GaN based MMIC designs where layout space limitations are known to be critical. The conventional branchline couplers designed by four quarter wavelenght transmission lines. This type of conventional branchline coupler covers a large physical area that leads to high costs in MMIC fabrication. Therefore, design of miniaturized branchline...
Development of a Visio-Haptic Integrated Dental Training Simulation System
Konukseven, Erhan İlhan; Önder, Mustafa Turgut; Mumcuoğlu, Ünal Erkan (2010-08-01)
The use of haptic devices in the medical field has become widespread in the last decade. In this study, a visio-haptic dental training system is developed using haptic and stereoscopic devices. Several advantages are offered by such a simulation system, including effective learning without any fear of making mistakes on a patient, possibility of repeating various dental operations, ease of evaluating student performance, and low-cost dental training even without an instructor. In this study, the biomechanic...
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T. A. Alanyalıoğlu, “Pitting corrosion in base metal dental casting alloys,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1994.