The role of the inhabitant in conservation a proposal for the evaluation of traditional residential architecture in Anatolia

Asatekin, Gül


The transformative role of representational media within the context of contemporary housing : the gated enclaves of Ankara and consumer culture
Öden, Alper; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2004)
The Post-Fordist structure has aroused as a response to the stable/rigid configuration of Fordism that caused a bottleneck within capitalist organization since the mid 1970s. This period is also labeled as flexible accumulation that is based on the least circulation period of capital and as a result turnover time of the consumption objects. Here, consumption becomes a cultural activity besides its role of meeting material necessities and calls for a form of culture, in which the symbolic value of any object...
The effects of Turkish disaster regulations on architectural design
Özyıldıran, Güler; İmamoğlu, Vacit; Department of Architecture (2007)
The aim of this study is to examine the role of ‘Turkish Disaster Regulations’ on architectural design. Although the preliminary aim of Turkish disaster regulations is to provide knowledge for designers and builders to control structural and constructional system of buildings that can resist disasters in the pre-disaster period, these regulations can create some restrictions for architects in their design process. Following an analytical examinations of Turkish disaster regulations that have been developed ...
The process and feasibility of building deconstruction: a case study in Ankara
Çakıcı, Fatma Zehra; Elias Özkan, Soofia Tahira; Department of Architecture (2005)
Today because of changes in the zoning plans, structural problems, building obsolescence and owner̕s wishes, old buildings are being demolished to erect newer, larger and taller ones. The objective of this study was to investigate the process and feasibility of building deconstruction. A literature survey was conducted on two unpublished theses at Middle East Technical University (METU), and publications available on web sites and international conference proceedings. Case studies were conducted on building...
The dialogue of type and model in architecture
Tunçbaş, Adil; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2006)
The idea of type has always been a crucial factor in the field of architecture. Not only it works as a dominator in the design process of architecture but also it supplies the certain ways through which architecture communicates with the observer. In order to understand the interaction between architecture and the observer the idea of type appears as a critical point. This study will be an attempt to understand the dialogue of type and model in architecture. Throughout the research Anthony Vidler’s article ...
The Ideal Of Handicrafts and the Modern Design Formation: Coincidences and Failures
Tsoumas, Johannis (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2013-12-1)
Bu araştırma günümüzde modern tasarım olarak adlandırılan kavramın el sanatları kavramıyla yakından ilişkisini incelemektedir. Esas amacı, yalnızca kuramsal olarak değil, aynı zamanda karanlık Orta Çağdan günümüze uzanan bir dizi anahtar tarihsel örnekten hareket ederek el sanatlarının, Batı toplumlarında başarıya ulaşan endüstriyel tasarımın temelini oluşturduğunu göstermektir. Bu göz ardı edilemeyecek ilişkinin gelişimindeki önemli dönüm noktası 19. yüzyıl İngiltere’sidir. Çünkü bu dönem Sanayi Devrimi’ni...
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G. Asatekin, “The role of the inhabitant in conservation a proposal for the evaluation of traditional residential architecture in Anatolia,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1994.