Dillerarası etkileşim sonucunda Türkçe-Almanca iki dillilerin Türkçe devrik tümce kullanımı



Grammar and information : a study of Turkish indefinites
Özge, Umut; Bozşahin, Hüseyin Cem; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2010)
Turkish, along with many other languages, marks its direct objects in two distinct ways: overt accusative marking (Acc) versus no marking (∅). The research on the grammar and interpretation of Turkish indefinite descriptions has focused on the effects of this distinc- tion in case-marking on the interpretation of indefinite noun phrases. The overt accusative marker has been associated with discourse-linking (Nilsson 1985; Enç 1991; Zidani-Eroğlu 1997), specificity (von Heusinger 2002; von Heusinger and Kornfilt...
Dilbilim Araştırmalarında Açık Bilim
ATAMAN, ESRA; Çağlar, Ozan Can; Kırkıcı, Bilal (2021-12-01)
Dilbilgisi, bilişim ve bilişsel bilim
Bozşahin, Hüseyin Cem; Zeyrek Bozşahin, Deniz (2000-01-01)
Implementing the type-raising algorithm by grammar compiling
Demir, Oğuzhan; Bozşahin, Hüseyin Cem; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2019)
Type-raising is part of theory of Combinatory Categorial Grammar, by which all arguments including complements are type-raised. Generating type-raising rules in an automatic manner in the compile-time via a simple tool would make experimenting with Combinatory Categorial Grammar faster, allowing control on each run. In this study, created tool is tested with various grammars including large scale Eve database, giving results in O(N) where N is the number of verbs in the grammar.
An Investigation of the psychometric properties of a language assessment literacy measure
Yılmaz, Fahri; Sağın Şimşek, Sultan Çiğdem; Department of English Language Teaching (2020)
This study investigates the psychometric properties of a modified measure designed to assess the knowledge base of EFL teachers’ assessment literacy (AL). Using the data obtained from a sample of 4th grade pre-service EFL teachers from two state universities in Ankara, the psychometric properties of the measure were analysed by making use of several CTT-based and IRT-based analytical techniques. The findings indicate a good model fit, a presence of validity and high levels of reliability. Analyses of the sa...
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S. Ç. Sağın Şimşek, Dillerarası etkileşim sonucunda Türkçe-Almanca iki dillilerin Türkçe devrik tümce kullanımı. 2016, p. 370.