Gender and Age Differences on Different Types of Self-Discrepancies

Ülbe, Selva
Gençöz, Tülin


Gender and Age Differences in Basic Personality Traits and Interpersonal Problems Across Young Adulthood
Akyunus, Miray; Gençöz, Tülin (2016-07-01)
Gender and grade differences in children's alternative solutions to interpersonal conflict situations
OZGULUK, S. B.; Erdur Baker, Özgür (2010-04-25)
In this study, gender and grade differences in children's alternative assertive, submissive, and aggressive solutions to interpersonal conflict situations were tested. The sample comprised 599 participants, between the ages of 9-15. Children's Action Tendency Scale was administered to the participants. Results of two-way MANOVA indicated that females were more likely to produce assertive and submissive solutions while males tended to produce aggressive solutions. Moreover, there was a significant difference...
Gender Differences in Self-Regulated Online Learning Environment
Yukselturk, Erman; Bulut, Safure (2009-01-01)
This study analyzed gender differences in self-regulated learning components, motivational beliefs and achievement in self-regulated online learning environment. Sample of the study consisted of 145 participants from an online programming course which is based on synchronous and asynchronous communication methods over the Internet. Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ) was used to assess students' motivation and use of learning strategies. Linear stepwise regression method and multivariate ...
Gender differences in economic experiments
Ergun, Selim Juergen; Garcia-Munoz, Teresa; Fernanda Rivas, Maria (Editorial CSIC, 2012-3-1)
This paper reviews the experimental economics literature on gender differences concerning four salient subjects: risk aversion, trust, deception and leadership. We review both experiments conducted in a laboratory and field experiments. We summarize very briefly the main characteristics of the experiments we review and point out the main results related to gender differences. The vast majority of the articles we have revised document gender differences in behavior; differences which could be explained by se...
Gender and age differences in risk taking behaviour in road traffic crashes
Bener, A.; Dafeeah, E.e.; Verjee, M.; Yousafzai, M.t.; Al-khatib, H.; Nema, N.; Mari, S.; Choi, M.k.; Özkan, Türker; Lajunen, T. (2013-11-20)
Aim: The aim of the present study was to assess drivers' gender and age related differences in the associations between high risk taking behaviour and Road Traffic Crashes in Qatar. Study Design: This is a cross sectional study. Subjects and Methods: A multistage stratified cluster sampling was performed. Of 2400 drivers aged 20 years and above approached, 1824 drivers agreed to participate in the survey (76%). The study was based on a face to face interview with a designed questionnaire including Driver Be...
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