Probabilistic distance clustering on networks

İyigün, Cem
Eroğlu, Derya İpek
In this study, a soft clustering problem on networks is investigated. It is assumed that cluster centers are located not only on vertices, but also on the edges of the network. Two different soft assignment schemes are studied where different membership functions are considered for the assignments. Structural properties for the clustering problem have been derived for different problem settings and the relation to the p-median problem has been shown under specific conditions. As a solution approach, a metaheuristic algorithm using the properties of the problem has been proposed. Computational experiments have been conducted with different problem instances.
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C. İyigün and D. İ. Eroğlu, “Probabilistic distance clustering on networks,” presented at the Informs Annual Meeting , November 4-7 2018, Phoenix- Arizona, USA, 2018, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: