A handbook of children s participation Perspectives from theory and practice

Sancar, Fahriye
Severcan, Yücel Can


A study on peace education: resolving classroom conflicts
Önür, Atiye; Günçer, Barbaros; Gürkaynak, Mehmet R.; Department of Educational Sciences (1994)
A critical analysis of crime prevention and policing policy in Turkey
Seyhan, Kazım; Mutlu, Kayhan; Department of Sociology (2002)
A scoping review of world Englishes in the Middle East and North Africa
Hillman, Sara; Selvi, Ali Fuad; Yazan, Bedrettin (Wiley, 2020-05-26)
This study presents the first scoping review (Arksey & O'Malley, 2005; Levac, Colquhoun, & O'Brien, 2010) of world Englishes (WE) research in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) - providing a knowledge synthesis of studies related to the sociolinguistic dynamics and realities of English(es) in one of the most underexplored WE contexts. Although the burgeoning research on English in the region focuses on macro sociolinguistic issues, language policy and planning, and language teaching and learning, there...
A philosophical analysis of computational modeling in cognitive science
Ürgen, Burcu Ayşen; Bağçe, Samet; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2007)
This study analyses the methodology of computational cognitive modeling as one of the ways of conducting research in cognitive science. The aim of the study is to provide an understanding of the place of computational cognitive models in understanding human cognition. Considering the vast number of computational cognitive models which have been just given to account for some cognitive phenomenon by solely simulating some experimental study and fitting to empirical data, a practice-oriented approach is adopt...
A Philosophical approach to upper-level ontologies
Satıoğlu, Dilek; Zambak, Aziz Fevzi; Department of Philosophy (2015)
The aim of this thesis is to provide a philosophical approach to upper-level ontologies. The ontologies and/or categorical system of Aristotle, Kant, Husserl, and Quine are evaluated in order to give a philosophical understanding of ontologies. After an explanation of the developments in ontology as a new interdisciplinary study, the most well known upper-level ontologies, BFO, DOLCE, SUMO, and Cyc, are analysed technically. In the light of philosophical ontologies and categorical systems, these upper-level...
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F. Sancar and Y. C. Severcan, A handbook of children s participation Perspectives from theory and practice. 2010.