Innovative educational technology for special education andusability issues

Çağıltay, Kürşat
Çiçek, Filiz
Karasu, Necdet
Çakır, Hasan
Kaplan, Göknur
The purpose of this study is to introduce educational technology project, OZTEK, for special education students and present usability issues related to those developed technologies. With the OZTEK, the researchers intend to develop innovative, technology enhanced learning environments to support the education of children with such special needs and to investigate effectiveness of such learning environments. Within the scope of the OZTEK, to provide support for special education, various instructional technologies have been developed, which are unique in terms of innovation regarding not only in Turkey but also other countries in the world. Throughout the project the following products will be developed which can either be used separately as standalone tools or together as a whole obtained by integration to each other: Interactive multimedia educational software that will detect body movements, interactive multi-touch table/board, applications and smart/interactive toys. In this paper, the findings regarding how computer supported educational materials for special education have been developed, what kind of usability challenges were faced with, how challenges have been overcome and how those technologies are used by teachers and students are presented.
Citation Formats
K. Çağıltay, F. Çiçek, N. Karasu, H. Çakır, and G. Kaplan, “Innovative educational technology for special education andusability issues,” Crete, Greece, 2018, p. 155, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: