Post collisional tectonics of Eskişehir Ankara Çankırı segment of İzmir Ankara Erzincan suture zone IAESZ Ankara orogenic phase

Koçyiğit, Ali
Türkmenoğlu, Asuman G
Beyhan, Ali
Kaymakcı, Nuretdin


Post evaluation of physical planning experience of Ankara: 1957 plan of Uybadın-Yücel.
Kaya, Tuncay; Barlas, Adnan M.; Urban Design in City and Regional Planning Department (2002)
Post miocene deformation of the area between Alibey (Kızılcahamam) and Karalar (Kazan) villages, nw Ankara (Turkey)
Karaca, Aykut; Rojay, Fuat Bora; Department of Geological Engineering (2004)
The study area is located within the Neogene-Quaternary sequences on top of the Mesozoic accreted mass at the northwest of Kazan (40 km NW of Ankara) between Karalar and Alibey villages. The research deals with the post-Miocene deformational history of an area situated at the southern edge of Galatian Volcanic Province. Two main Neogene rock sequences are cropped out; 1) Late Miocene Pazar Formation, 2) Plio-Quaternary Sinap Formation. The Pazar Formation has a succession composed mainly of clastics at the ...
Post-miocene tectonic evolution of Alidağ anticline, Adiyaman, Turkey
Seyrek, Emre; Rojay, Fuat Bora; Department of Geological Engineering (2008)
Adıyaman region is situated within SE Anatolian Fold and Thrust Belt which is a part of Alpine-Himalayan Mountain Belt system. The Belt is evolved as Eurasian plate and Arabian plate amalgamates in SE Anatolia. There are two main contractional deformational periods, Late Cretaceous and Late Miocene, which are followed by a strike slip deformation, during post-Late Miocene characterizing the tectonics of SE Anatolia. Series of folds and thrusts have a trend of almost ENE-WSW direction. The analysis on beddin...
Risk analysis of natural gas pipeline from Kırklareli to Ankara
Alkhatip, Osama; Yurteri, Coşkun; Department of Environmental Engineering (1991)
Back arc Setting for the Middle Eocene Çöpler porphyry epithermal gold deposit Turkey
İmer, Ali; Creaser, Robert (null; 2012-11-07)
The Çöpler epithermal Au deposit and related subeconomic porphyry Cu-Au deposit is located in central eastern Turkey, about 120 km west of the city of Erzincan. Porphyry-epithermal Au-Cu mineralization is hosted by the middle Eocene Çöpler-Kabataş magmatic complex which has been emplaced into a succession of Permian–Cretaceous metasedimentary and carbonate rocks within an ENE-trending structural window exposed in the northeastern margin of the Tauride-Anatolide Block. 40Ar/39Ar dating of three samples of ig...
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A. Koçyiğit, A. G. Türkmenoğlu, A. Beyhan, and N. Kaymakcı, “Post collisional tectonics of Eskişehir Ankara Çankırı segment of İzmir Ankara Erzincan suture zone IAESZ Ankara orogenic phase,” Türkiye Petrol Jeologları Derneği Bülteni, pp. 69–86, 1995, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: