Drilling and Blasting Technology of Modern Mines



Drilling and Blasting in Coal Mining
Karpuz, Celal (CRC Press, 2016-01-01)
Drilling of gas hydrate reservoirs
Merey, Sukru (2016-09-01)
With the consumption of conventional hydrocarbon reserves and advancement in drilling technology, recently there is a high interest in gas hydrates in the world. Due to lack of experience and sensitive nature of gas hydrates, drilling in gas hydrate reservoirs were considered as risky. However, recent drilling data in gas hydrates shows that successful drilling operations in gas hydrate reservoirs are possible with some special measurements such as specially designed drilling fluid and cement slurry etc. In...
Extraction studies on Payas Bauxitic iron ore.
Onur, Ali Ergun; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1972)
Reclamation and Mine Closure
Düzgün, Şebnem(2009)
The need for protection of lands disturbed by mining; planning of a reclamation program; laws and regulations; techniques of reclamation; public opinion; monitoring and control; cost of reclamation; state of mine-environment protection and reclamation in Turkey. Guidelines for successful reclamation practices, mine closure plan, technology and management.
Geotechnical Considerations for Mining Method Selection of a Potential Underground Iron Ore Mine in Mideastern, Turkey
Karpuz, Celal (null; 2013-10-01)
Geotechnical analysis plays an important role in determining mining method selection. This study presents the geotechnical design analysis of a potential U/G iron ore Mentes Mine at Yahyali province of Kayseri district in Turkey. Iron ore body is initially planned to be mined by using long hole mining method. Detailed geotechnical site investigation and laboratory work are carried out to assess the applicability of the selected mining method. Diamond-drilled borehole cores are logged and geotechnical charac...
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