Thermodynamic properties of 1 x MgCl2 xCaCl2 melts

Karakaya, İshak
Thompson, William
An electrochemical formation cell was used to measure the partial molar thermodynamic properties of MgCl2 in {(1−x)MgCl2 + xCaCl2}(1). The results indicate that the melt is nearly ideal in the Raoultian (or Temkin) sense. A classical-thermodynamics analysis of the results was used to construct the T(x) phase diagram which was found to be in good agreement with the accepted diagram.
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İ. Karakaya and W. Thompson, “Thermodynamic properties of 1 x MgCl2 xCaCl2 melts,” pp. 859–866, 1986, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: