Polymerization of bis (pyridine) bis (trihalophenexo) copper (11) complexes with various halogens in solution.

Bilir, Nuray


Polymerization of bis (Pyridine) bis (trihalophenoxo) copper (11) complexes with various halogens in solid state.
Akbaş, Makbule; Department of Chemistry (1992)
Polymerization and charaterization of n-vinylcaprolactam
Kozanoğlu, Selin; Usanmaz, Ali; Department of Polymer Science and Technology (2008)
Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam), PNVCL, is a nonionic, nontoxic, water soluble, thermally sensitive and biocompatible polymer. It contains hydrophilic carboxylic and amide groups with hydrophobic carbon-carbon backbone chain so its hydrolysis does not produce small amide compounds which are often not desired for biomedical applications. Moreover PNVCL possesses lower critical solution temperature, (LCST) in the range of physiological temperature (32-34 oC). These properties make the polymer suitable for use in som...
OZKAN, H; Usanmaz, Ali; ONAL, MA (Wiley, 1994-11-01)
Allylthiourea was polymerized by constant current electroinitiation in acetonitrile using tetrabutylammonium fluoroborate as supporting electrolyte. The polymer obtained was insoluble in common organic solvents. FTIR studies showed that polymerization propagates by addition through the C=C double bond. The cyclic voltammogram of the monomer gave two irreversible oxidation peaks at + 1.3 V and + 2.4 V versus Ag-degree/Ag+ reference electrode at 25-degrees-C. Polymerization at room temperature gave a limi...
Polymerization of 1,2-epoxy-4-epoxyethylcyclohexane
Usanmaz, Ali; Asaid, Adel (Wiley, 1986-12)
Radiation‐induced polymerization of 1,2‐epoxy‐4‐epoxyethylcyclohexane (EECH) has been carried out at different temperatures in solid and liquid states. Activation energy was calculated from Arrhenius plot and ionic mechanism was proposed. Molecular weights for some polymer samples were determined by cryscopic method and compared with their intrinsic viscosities. Cationic polymerization of EECH initiated by BF3 · O(C2H5)2 and anionic polymerization initiated by NaOH are also studied. Two epoxy rings can be o...
Polymerization of 1-Ethynyl-1-Cyclohexanol
Kızılırmak, Nalan; Usanmaz, Ali; Department of Chemistry (1989)
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N. Bilir, “Polymerization of bis (pyridine) bis (trihalophenexo) copper (11) complexes with various halogens in solution.,” Middle East Technical University, 1992.