Middle school students’ perceptions about twenty-first-century learning practices in science classes: A multidimensional approach Ortaokul öğrencilerinin fen bilimleri dersindeki 21. yüzyil becerilerine ılişkin algıları: Çok boyutlu bir yaklaşım

Uğur, Ünzile Elif
Sungur, Semra
© 2021, Hacettepe University. All rights reserved.The purpose of this study was to determine middle school students’ perceptions about twenty-first-century learning practices that they experience in their science classes. For the specified purpose, firstly, Students’ Perception of 21st Century Learning Practices instrument was validated for Turkish middle school students. Then, students’ perceptions were examined in terms of learning processes for 21th century learning (i.e. self-directed learning, collaborative learning, and meaningful learning with ICT), thinking processes in 21th century learning (i.e. critical thinking, creative thinking, and authentic problem solving), and outcome in 21th century learning (i.e. self-efficacy for knowledge creation). According to the results, Turkish version of the instrument appears to provide a valid and reliable measure of middle school students’ perceptions about twenty-first-century learning practices. Findings obtained from the administration of the instrument revealed that, integration of 21th century skills to science classes tend to be at moderate levels.
Hacettepe Egitim Dergisi


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