Poiesis of Everyday Life and Space in Yüksel Street

Vekam Araştırma Sununları


Seramik ve Cam Ceramic and Glass
Işıtman, Ödül (2011-07-01)
aleotethys and Neotethys suture zones in Northern Turkey: Evidences from Daday-Arac-Kursunlu Geotraverse
Ellero, A; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Marroni, M.; Pandolfi, L.; Sayıt, Kaan (2011-09-19)
Accomodating Diversity Within Feminism İn Turkey : The Amargi Women’s Cooperative, 2001-2011
Özakın, Ayşe Ülkü; Aslan Akman, Canan; Department of Gender and Women's Studies (2012)
In this thesis, Amargi Women’s Cooperative in Istanbul is studied as an example of diversity feminism in Turkey. Its feminist perspective and challenges faced in realizing its objectives in this context are analyzed based on a description of the process of Amargi’s formation, the course of its activities and the debates within the group and especially the in-depth interviews held with ten volunteers. The group’s accomplishments and problems encountered during the last ten years in its quest for “doing polit...
SAGAscape: Simulating Resource Exploitation Strategies in Iron Age to Hellenistic Communities in Southwest Anatolia
Boogers, Stef; Daems, Drıes (2022-1-01)
In this paper, we present SAGAscape, an agent-based model of resource exploitation and subsistence strategies to explore the human impact of hilltop settlements on the natural environment in the study area of Sagalassos (southwest Turkey) during the Iron Age to Hellenistic period. Using realistic GIS data and empirical settlement patterns as input, we simulate communities with resource exploitation strategies for three main resources: food, wood and clay. The model produces results consistent with empirical...
Ahiska (Meskhetian) Turks: Source of Conflict in the Caucasus?
Aydıngün, Ayşegül (2002-01-01)
This article discusses the rehabilitation of the Ahiska (Meskhetian) Turks to their home villages in southern Georgia from where they were deported by Stalin in 1944 to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The strategic importance of Meskheti-Javakheti is explored considering the 'rehabilitation demands' of the Ahiska (Meskhetian) Turks together with regional as well as international dynamics. Within that context, international obligations of Georgia are emphasised with a special focus on the formal and i...
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