aleotethys and Neotethys suture zones in Northern Turkey: Evidences from Daday-Arac-Kursunlu Geotraverse

Ellero, A
Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal
Marroni, M.
Pandolfi, L.
Sayıt, Kaan


Domoic acid production by Pseudo-nitzschia calliantha Lundholm, Moestrup et Hasle (bacillariophyta) isolated from the Black Sea
Besiktepe, Sengul; Ryabushko, Larisa; Ediger, Dilek; Yimaz, Doruk; Zenginer Yılmaz, Arife; Ryabushko, Vitaly; Lee, Raisa (2008-06-01)
A species of Pseudo-nitzschia isolated from Sevastopol Bay, Black Sea, was examined for its toxicity. The species was identified as P. calliantha Lundholm, Moestrup et Hasle based on SEM and TEM examination. Domoic acid (DA) was detected in batch culture throughout the growth cycle of P. calliantha. The production of DA by this diatom species was confirmed by fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (FMOC) derivatization and HPLC-fluorescence method. The cellular DA level was higher in the early exponential phase, with the...
Ünlü, Kahraman; BIGGAR, JW (1990-09-01)
A numerical experiment was designed to study the stochastic behavior of one‐dimensional transient unsaturated flow in a Monte Carlo setting. Soil hydraulic properties, log‐saturated hydraulic conductivity ln Ks, pore size distribution parameter α, and the specific water capacity C are assumed to be statistically homogeneous random fields described by exponential correlation functions with identical correlation lengths. Fifty realizations of each soil hydraulic property, with statistical properties obtained ...
ALET (Automated Labeling of Equipment and Tools): A Dataset, a Baseline and a Usecase for Tool Detection in the Wild
Kurnaz, Fatih Can; Hocaoğlu, Burak; Yılmaz, Mert Kaan; Sülo, İdil; Kalkan, Sinan (2020-12-01)
Azo-bridged triazoles: Green energetic materials
Türker, Burhan Lemi (2016-02-01)
In this short review, excerpts from the literature of azo-bridged triazoles (mainly 1,2,4-triazoles), some of their derivatives (chloromethyl, dinitro and trinitro pyrazole substituted ones, etc.) and some of their salts, have been presented focusing on the most recent investigations. These classes of compounds, known as high nitrogen compounds, are generally high energy density materials. Therefore, if available some of their ballistic properties were included. (C) 2015 China Ordnance Society. Production a...
Frocasting methods for tax revenues:An econometrics study of tax revenues in Turkey.
Demirci, Avni K; Department of Economics (1987)
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A. Ellero, M. C. Göncüoğlu, M. Marroni, L. Pandolfi, and K. Sayıt, “aleotethys and Neotethys suture zones in Northern Turkey: Evidences from Daday-Arac-Kursunlu Geotraverse,” presented at the Geoitalia 2011, Turin, İtalya, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: