Bugünün Mimarlık Ortamında Yeniden Anlama ve Anlamlandırmaya Yönelik Bir Kavram Olarak Romantizm



Bugünün Türkiyesi'nde Mimarlık
Sargın, Güven Arif (2018-01-01)
Clock Towers From The Ottoman Period In The Territory Of Today’s Montenegro
Alihodzic, Rifat (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-12-21)
The study provides a research about all the clock towers built in today's Montenegro territory during the Ottoman period (1496-1912), with the aim of making a holistic image of their importance. Although previous research on the topic are available, a complex and a thorough examination of this topic has not been undertaken so far. The clock towers in this territory appeared rather early compared to the more developed areas of the Ottoman Empire. Besides the local architectonic features, they reflect a stron...
A brief review on the effects of violent media on youths
Tosyalı, Ahmet Furkan (2018-06-01)
The main aim of this paper is to briefly review the existing body of knowledge related to youth violence and media. In this context, empirical evidences regarding the association between youth violence and media are mentioned. Also, prevalence rates related to youth media usage, risk factors, and individual differences are given in the review. Then, some preventive suggestions based on the empirical findings are proposed to reduce the positive association between youth violence and media exposure. Finally, ...
Bu Mizah Bi Harika Dostum!
Çolak, Erdem (Ayrıntı Yayınları, 2013-12-01)
Elucidation of r gene mediated yellow rust disease resistance mechanism in wheat by dual bait yeast two-hybrid analysis
Yıldırım, Figen; Akkaya, Mahinur S.; Department of Biotechnology (2005)
Yellow rust, caused by Puccinia striiformis Westend. f. sp. tritici Eriksson is one of the most severe leaf diseases of wheat. Aim of this study is to illuminate the downstream signaling pathways upon incompetible infection of rust pathogen in wheat, thus to understand the genes involved in resistance mechanism. The strategy used is the dual bait yeast two-hybrid analysis which is the most powerful method for in vivo detection of protein-protein interactions. The bait proteins used are; the domains of Yr10 ...
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