Seismic behavior of eccentric R/C beam-column-slab connections under sequential loading in two principal directions

The performance of beam-to-column connections subjected to reversed cyclic loading depends on several variables. In this investigation, the effects of eccentric spandrel beams, wide normal beams, column section aspect ratio, loading in two principal directions, and slab participation on the inelastic behavior of beam-to-column connections are studied. The experimental program features three 3/4-scale exterior reinforced concrete beam-column-slab subassemblies. The major design variables for the specimens are the eccentricity of the spandrel beam with respect to column, beam and column section aspect ratios, and joint shear stress level. Results of the experimental program, including load-displacement response, beam plastic hinge rotation, joint distortion, and bond deterioration are presented in this paper.
5th International Conference of the American-Concrete-Institute


Synchronization analysis of coupled Lienard-type oscillators by averaging
Tuna, Sezai Emre (2012-08-01)
Sufficient conditions for the synchronization of coupled Lienard-type oscillators are investigated via averaging technique. The coupling considered here is fixed, nonsymmetric, and nonlinear. Under the assumption that the interconnection topology defines a connected graph, it is shown that the solutions of oscillators converge arbitrarily close to each other, starting from initial conditions arbitrarily far apart, provided that the frequency of oscillations is large enough and the initial phases of oscillat...
Frequency estimation of a single real-valued sinusoid: An invariant function approach
Candan, Çağatay; Çelebi, Utku (2021-08-01)
An invariant function approach for the computationally efficient (non-iterative and gridless) maximum likelihood (ML) estimation of unknown parameters is applied on the real-valued sinusoid frequency estimation problem. The main attraction point of the approach is its potential to yield a ML-like performance at a significantly reduced computational load with respect to conventional ML estimator that requires repeated evaluation of an objective function or numerical search routines. The numerical results ind...
Seismic assessment of reinforced concrete beam-to-column connections under reversed cyclic loading
Akın, Umut; Burak Bakır, Burcu; Department of Civil Engineering (2011)
Prior experimental research clearly reveals that the performance of reinforced concrete frame structures under earthquake loading is closely related to the behavior of beam-to-column connection regions. In order for a reinforced concrete building to have an adequate response under high lateral deformations, beam-to-column connections should be able to preserve their integrity. However, even today beam-to-column connections are assumed to be rigid or elastic, leading to an incorrect estimation of the structu...
Elastic-plastic deformation of a rotating solid disk of exponentially varying thickness
Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim (2002-07-01)
The elastic-plastic deformation of a rotating solid disk of variable thickness in exponential form is investigated using Tresca's yield criterion, its associated flow rule and linear strain hardening. An analytical solution is obtained and numerical results are presented for different values of the geometric parameters. In the limiting case of uniform thickness the solution reduces to Garner's solution.
Dynamic stress concentrations around a single fiber break in unidirectional composites: a 3D finite element analysis
Mutlu, Çağlar; SABUNCUOĞLU, BARIŞ; Kadioglu, F Suat; Swolfs, Yentl (2023-01-01)
When a fiber break occurs in longitudinal tension of a unidirectional composite, dynamic stress concentrations arise, which can be different from the ones found considering only static loading. The current paper analyzes the dynamic stress concentration factors (SCF) around a fiber break in unidirectional carbon fiber/epoxy composites. 3D finite element models with random and hexagonal fiber distributions were analyzed to investigate the evolution of stress concentrations as a function of time and position....
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