Generative mechanisms of Turkish - American defense relations: 1973-1980 a critical realist analysis

Taner, Mustafa
The Turkish-American relations hit a hard bottom in 1974 and then enjoyed a high level of cooperation with the DECA of 1980. This thesis explores how bilateral relations evolved from a conflictual level to a high level of cooperation in just six years and the causal mechanisms that induced change in bilateral relations. In doing so, it targets to find out causal mechanisms of the Turkish-American defense relations during one of the most turbulent periods of this relationship. In order to solve this puzzle, a causation theory based on Aristotelian four causes typology was applied. Accordingly, structural, agential, material and ideational causes that produce the major milestones of the said relations in the studied period were analyzed in the light of the scientific realist philosophy. Hence, the study reviews the arms embargo imposed upon Turkey in 1975, the removal of that embargo in 1978, and the signature of the Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement in 1980 based on the declassified official US foreign policy documents.


Transformative Impacts of High-Speed Railway (HSR) Stations on Urban Space: The Case of Ankara HSR Station
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Urban transformation became one of the premises on the urban agenda in Turkey, which was accelerated with the introduction of the neo-liberal policies in the 1980s and became apparent in the 2000s as rapid and massive urban transformations mainly held by macro-scaled public investments. In this regard, high-speed railway (HSR) systems, newly introduced to the Turkish case, appear as one of these macro-scale public investments. In this context, the European literature on HSR development projects reveals that...
Türk-Yunan İlişkilerinde İngiliz Etkisi (1930-1955)
Boyar, Ebru(2016-12-31)
Bu projenin temel araştırma konusu 1930-1955 yılları arasında Türk-Yunan ilişkilerinde İngiliz etkisini ortaya çıkarmaktır. İngiltere’nin Osmanlı Devleti/Türkiye’ye yönelik Yunan politikası üzerindeki etkisi özellikle 1919-1923 döneminde çok yönlü olarak incelenmiştir. Ancak Türk-Yunan ilişkilerinin görünürde barışçıl bir havada devam ettiği varsayılan 1930-1955 döneminde bu iki ülke arasındaki ilişkilerde İngiltere’nin etkisi yeterince irdelenmemiştir. En iyimser tanımlama ile bu barış dönemi ya da iki ülk...
Labour markets, labour relations and the state: a comparative – historical analysis of Argentina and Turkey, 2001-2015
Bozkurt Güngen, Sümercan; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2017)
Argentina and Turkey witnessed in 2001 the most devastating economic crises in their recent histories. The post-crisis restructuring processes in these two countries implied important differences in terms of labour policy agendas in particular and development strategies in general. This thesis provides a historically-grounded, comparative analysis of the two post-crisis trajectories from a labour-centred perspective. It critically evaluates various perspectives in labour studies and puts forward an alternat...
Europeanization of foreign policy: the case of Turkish foreign policy towards the Black Sea region
Ustun, Cigdem (Informa UK Limited, 2010-01-01)
Turkey's efforts to initiate an active foreign policy towards the Black Sea region in the 1990s were scuttled by Russian influence and an international environment inconducive to multilateralism. When security needs changed in the twenty-first century and the enlargement of the EU reached the Black Sea, a multilateral approach was developed for the region by local and international actors, i.e., the EU and Turkey. In this framework, this article aims to show the changes observed in Turkish foreign policy to...
Viscoelasticity and pattern formations in stock market indices
Gündüz, Güngör; Gunduz, Aydin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2017-06-05)
The viscoelastic and thermodynamic properties of four stock indices, namely, DJI, Nasdaq-100, Nasdaq-Composite, and S&P were analyzed for a period of 30 years from 1986 to 2015. The asset values (or index) can be placed into Aristotelian 'potentiality-actuality' framework by using scattering diagram. Thus, the index values can be transformed into vectorial forms in a scattering diagram, and each vector can be split into its horizontal and vertical components. According to viscoelastic theory, the horizontal...
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M. Taner, “Generative mechanisms of Turkish - American defense relations: 1973-1980 a critical realist analysis,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2021.