A case study on middle school students' visions of nature

Başer, Ceren
The purpose of the study is to investigate middle school students’ visions of nature including images of nature, values of nature and images of human-nature relationship. Participants were selected from middle school students living in a city center in Turkey by using purposive sampling method. Using qualitative case study design, the data were obtained from the students through semi-structured interviews along with the supportive tools such as guided-imagery technique, draw-and-explain technique and card selection task in 2019-2020 Spring Semester. The data were analyzed by using content analysis method based on the umbrella-construct named visions of nature. The findings related to images of nature showed that the students associate nature with greenery and trees. The participants visualized nature as distanced from city life, away from crowd and technology. Considering the values of nature, the results showed that all of the students viewed nature as important. While majority of students provided some reasons reflecting indispensability of nature from an instrumental value, few of them mentioned intrinsic value of nature. Regarding the images of human-nature relationship, the students demonstrated Steward and Partner types indicating protection of nature and mutualistic interdependence between human and nature. Examining how the students view relationship of other people have with nature, it was found that they mostly depicted humans as showing Master and Apathy types.


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C. Başer, “A case study on middle school students’ visions of nature,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.