Pestrans: a software developed for assessing the fate and transport of pesticides in soil environment

Alshahethi, Aiman Mohammed Qaid
Excessive and uncontrolled use of plant protection products in Turkey caused major concerns as many pesticides proved to possess hazardous impact on soil and groundwater systems. The main objective of this thesis is to develop a computer screening model that has capabilities to simulate fate and transport of pesticides in soil. The developed computer model integrated with a graphical user interface, named as PETRANS GUI, enables users to screen pesticides based on mobility, volatility, persistence, and determines their pollution potential. PETRANS GUI model development was based on an earlier FORTRAN source code that was created by Ünlü et al. (1995). Source code algorithms were reconstructed on an up-to-date programming language, python, to facilitate the construction of a new version of PETRANS screening model, which is computationally more robust and efficient than its earlier version. PESTRANS GUI is a 1-D simulation toolkit which utilizes finitedifference method to provide numerical simulations of real case pesticide application scenarios on agricultural soils. Computational speed of PETRSANS GUI, on standard PC, was less than 5.5 seconds CPU time for 10 years real-time pesticide simulation of 1-m soil depth. The model assessed fate and transport behavior of 24 priority pesticides in Turkey and the EU, in terms of mobility, volatility and persistence. Pesticides such as simazine, atrazine and diuron proved to have higher groundwater pollution potential. Whereas pesticides; heptachlor epoxide and quinoxyfen demonstrated high pollution potential to surface water. It is important to re-regulate or ban the use of these priority pesticides for eliminating their adverse environmental impacts.
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A. M. Q. Alshahethi, “Pestrans: a software developed for assessing the fate and transport of pesticides in soil environment,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.