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Recent Submissions

Stabilized FEM solution of MHD duct flow with conducting cracks in the insulation
Tezer, Münevver; AYDIN, SALİM TUTGUN (2023-05-15)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.In this paper, the numerical solution of the fully developed liquid–metal magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow is given in a rectangular duct under an external oblique magnetic field with no-slip and insulate...
Artificial compression method for MHD system in Elsässer variables
Aggul, Mustafa; Eroglu, Fatma Güler; Kaya Merdan, Songül (2023-03-01)
© 2022 IMACSWe introduce an artificial compression (AC) method for simulations of the MHD system in Elsässer Variables. The proposed method decouples unknowns such as pressure, which acts as a Lagrange multiplier ensuring ...
Synchronization of chaos in semiconductor gas discharge model with local mean energy approximation
Akhmet, Marat; Yeşil, Cihan; Başkan, Kağan (2023-02-01)
© 2022The delta synchronization is a useful method to analyze appearance of chaotic synchronization in gas discharge systems. In recent studies, the generalized synchronization method has been implemented in various gas di...
Global energy preserving model reduction for multi-symplectic PDEs
Uzunca, Murat; Karasözen, Bülent; Aydın, Ayhan (2023-01-01)
© 2022 Elsevier Inc.Many Hamiltonian systems can be recast in multi-symplectic form. We develop a reduced-order model (ROM) for multi-symplectic Hamiltonian partial differential equations (PDEs) that preserves the global e...
Sonlu cisimler üzerindeki x^k-cx-d polinomlarının iki uygulaması üzerine ve daha fazlası
İrimağzı, Canberk (Springer, Cham, 2023-01-01)
Unpredictable solutions of quasilinear differential equations with generalized piecewise constant arguments of mixed type
Tleubergenova, Madina; Çinçin, Duygu Aruğaslan; Nugayeva, Zakhira; Akhmet, Marat (2023-01-01)
© 2023, SINUS Association. All rights reserved.An unpredictable solution is found for a quasilinear differential equation with generalized piece-wise constant argument (EPCAG). Sufficient conditions are provided for the ex...
Time filtered second order backward Euler method for EMAC formulation of Navier-Stokes equations
Demir, Medine; Çıbık, Aytekin; Kaya Merdan, Songül (2022-12-15)
© 2022 Elsevier Inc.This paper considers the backward Euler based linear time filtering method for the developed energy-momentum-angular momentum conserving (EMAC) formulation of the time dependent-incompressible Navier-St...
Nonintrusive model order reduction for cross-diffusion systems
Karasözen, Bülent; Mülayim, Gülden; Uzunca, Murat (2022-12-01)
In this paper, we investigate tensor based nonintrusive reduced-order models (ROMs) for parametric cross-diffusion equations. The full-order model (FOM) consists of ordinary differential equations (ODEs) in matrix or tenso...
Descriptive complexity of subsets of the space of finitely generated groups
Benli, Mustafa Gökhan; Kaya, Burak (2022-12-01)
© 2022 Elsevier GmbHIn this paper, we determine the descriptive complexity of subsets of the Polish space of marked groups defined by various group theoretic properties. In particular, using Grigorchuk groups, we establish...
Optimal Binary Linear Complementary Pairs of Codes
Choi, Whan-Hyuk; GÜNERİ, CEM; Kim, Jon-Lark; Özbudak, Ferruh (2022-11-01)
A pair of linear codes (C, D) of length n over F-q is called a linear complementary pair (LCP) if their direct sum yields the full space F-q(n). By a result of Carlet et al. (2019), the best security parameters of binary L...
Dynamics of Hopfield-Type Neural Networks with Modulo Periodic Unpredictable Synaptic Connections, Rates and Inputs
Akhmet, Marat; Tleubergenova, Madina; Zhamanshin, Akylbek (2022-11-01)
In this paper, we rigorously prove that unpredictable oscillations take place in the dynamics of Hopfield-type neural networks (HNNs) when synaptic connections, rates and external inputs are modulo periodic unpredictable. ...
Additive cyclic complementary dual codes over F4
Shi, Minjia; Liu, Na; Özbudak, Ferruh; Solé, Patrick (2022-10-01)
© 2022 Elsevier Inc.An additive cyclic code of length n over F4 can be defined equivalently as an F2[x]/〈xn+1〉-submodule of F4[x]/〈xn+1〉. In this paper we study additive cyclic and complementary dual codes of odd length ov...
Error estimates for the optimal control of Navier-Stokes equations using curvature based stabilization
Hacat, Gülnur; Yılmaz, Fikriye Nuray; Çıbık, Aytekin Bayram; Kaya Merdan, Songül (2022-10-01)
© 2022 Elsevier Inc.This paper presents a family of implicit-explicit (IMEX) time stepping scheme for the optimal control problem of the unsteady Navier-Stokes equations (NSE). The main feature of this kind of optimal cont...
Poisson Stability in Symmetrical Impulsive Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks with Generalized Piecewise Constant Argument
Akhmet, Marat; Tleubergenova, Madina; Seilova, Roza; Nugayeva, Zakhira (2022-09-01)
In the paper, shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with impulses and the generalized piecewise constant argument are under discussion. The main modeling novelty is that the impulsive part of the systems is symmetri...
Automorphisms of κ -existentially closed groups
Kaya, Burak; Kuzucuoğlu, Mahmut (2022-08-01)
We investigate the automorphisms of some κ-existentially closed groups. In particular, we prove that Aut(G) is the union of subgroups of level preserving automorphisms and | Aut(G) | = 2 κ whenever κ is inaccessible and G ...
Delta synchronization of Poincare chaos in gas discharge-semiconductor systems
Akhmet, Marat; Baskan, Kagan; Yeşil, Cihan (2022-08-01)
We introduce a new type of chaos synchronization, specifically the delta synchronization of Poincare chaos. The method is demonstrated for the irregular dynamics in coupled gas discharge-semiconductor systems (GDSSs). It i...
Construction of self dual codes from graphs
Fellah, Nazahet; Guenda, Kenza; Özbudak, Ferruh; Seneviratne, Padmapani (2022-07-01)
In this work we define and study binary codes C-q,C-k and (C-q,C-k) over bar obtained from neighbor- hood designs of Paley-type bipartite graphs P(q, k) and their complements, respectively for q an odd prime. We prove that...
Classification of permutation polynomials of the form x3g(xq-1) of Fq2 where g(x) = x3+ bx+ c and b,c∈Fq∗
Özbudak, Ferruh; Gülmez Temür, Burcu (2022-07-01)
© 2022, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature.We classify all permutation polynomials of the form x3g(xq-1) of Fq2 where g(x) = x3+ bx+ c and b,c∈Fq∗. Moreo...
Berktav, Kadri İlker; Özbudak, Ferruh (2022-06-01)
Let f(x) be a polynomial with integer coefficients. We say that the prime p is a prime divisor of f(x) if p divides f(m) some integer m. For each positive integer n, we give an explicit construction of a polynomial all of ...
Dynamics of Shunting Inhibitory Cellular Neural Networks with Variable Two-Component Passive Decay Rates and Poisson Stable Inputs
Akhmet, Marat; Tleubergenova, Madina; Zhamanshin, Akylbek (2022-06-01)
Shunting inhibitory cellular neural networks with continuous time-varying rates and inputs are the focus of this research. A new model is considered with compartmental passive decay rates which consist of periodic and Pois...
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