Effect of Weathering Tests on Microfracture Properties of the Massive and Vesicular Basalts

Topal, Tamer
Petrographic investigations not only provide knowledge on the mineralogical state and provenance of rock materials, they also can be used as a strong tool for evaluating its weathering potential and durability. It is known that the type, amount, dimension, orientation and density of cracks have a great influence on the weathering of the stone material. The chemical agents, for instance, that cause weathering in rock materials, use cracks to penetrate their depths. This study aims to understand how accelerated weathering tests (wetting-drying; freezing-thawing and salt crystallization) affect the behavior of the microfractures. To conduct microfracture studies, a total of nine massive and vesicular basalt samples were questioned. Thin and polished sections were prepared and investigated using optical microscopy and back-scattered views obtained from the Electron Probe Microanalyser (EPMA). Through the investigation, type, amount, orientation and density of the microfractures were examined. Overall results of this examination suggest that aging tests have different impacts on the microfracture properties of the basalts. It can be easily stated that the pore pressure, especially after the freezing-thawing cycles and salt crystallization, triggers microfracture development. Additionally, this study indicated that the crystal boundaries of olivine and pyroxene are the weakest zones for the microcrack formations.
Monument Future: Decay and Conservation of Stone. Proceedings of the 14th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, eds. S. Siegesmund and B. Middendorf


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