Eşdur, Gamze
Breathing is a process that is actively involved in speech production and has an impact on pace of reading. The main purpose of this thesis is to study the relationship between text complexity and the breathing pattern of the readers. This study approaches this question from two distinct aspects. First, it asks whether the syntactic complexity of a text affects the breathing frequency during reading in Turkish. Secondly, it investigates whether text complexity influences the readers' decisions on where to re-breath within the sentences. In order to answer these questions, three experimental conditions were generated: reading two simple texts aloud, reading two middle-complex text aloud, reading two complex texts aloud. The results reveal significant effect of the text complexity level both on the breathing frequency and the locations chosen to re-breath by the readers. The outcomes may provide an input for designing speech generation patterns that may improve naturalness of synthetic speech.
Citation Formats
G. Eşdur, “BREATHING PATTERNS DURING READING SPEECH IN TURKISH,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.