An Exploration On How Hegemony Exercises Through Urban Space​​

Kimyon, Deniz
Hegemonic exercises are intertwined in everyday life by overt and/or latent forms. Everyday practices in capitalist urban space organizations, which are materialized by pleasure or overwhelming, inherently produce and are products of an understanding of space, power, and class relations. Along with the ambiguity and complexity of everyday life, urban inhabitants own temporally and spatially reproduced political apprehensions by which they manufacture consent or produce dissent for the dominant ruling orders in which capital interests employ. In this sense, this study questions the dynamics of hegemonic exercises (re)produced through urban space, which spans in different contexts and multi-scales, realized by variegated and articulated ways of intended and unintended means. Grounding upon a Gramscian and Lefebvrian theoretical framework, it is focussed on how hegemony is exercised by the production of space, and it draws out a new conceptual framework based on spatial forms, processes, and relations. This work alleges two intrinsically related genres of spatial exercise of hegemony, as delineated by i) hegemony exercised through relations and processes related to space and ii) hegemony exercised through spatial forms and processes. Seeking to v display a broad range of means of the spatial exercises of hegemony in Turkey for the recent period, this study makes exploratory research by carrying out qualitative research ways via embracing an overall documentary survey and an ethnographic field work attempt held in Ankara. The objective is to enhance conceptual insights aiming to understand hegemonic exercises by major, express methodological possibilities and limitations, and put forward possible research issues.
Citation Formats
D. Kimyon, “An Exploration On How Hegemony Exercises Through Urban Space​​,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2021.