What goes wrong in practice teaching ?

The 3rd International ELT Conference


What causes the differences in driving between young men and women? The effects of gender roles and sex on young drivers' driving behaviour and self-assessment of skills
Özkan, Türker (2006-07-01)
The aim of this study was to investigate how sex (male and female) and gender roles (masculinity and femininity) and their interaction were associated with driving skills and accident involvement among young drivers. Two-hundred and seventeen young Turkish drivers (131 males and 86 females) filled in a form including the short form of Bern Sex Role Inventory (BSRI), the Driver Skill Inventory (DSI), and questions about accident history and background information. The effects of sex and gender roles were tes...
What’s in a label? an analysis of the impact of labelling on the (im)mobility of Somali refugees in Kenya
Timami, Khadija Saleh; Sözer, Hande; Political Science and International Relations (2019-9)
This thesis aims to contribute to the understanding of the role of labelling on refugee mobility. To elucidate this, Somali refugees in Kenya are taken as a case study. This study contends that the ‘refugee’ label is used in state policy as a tool to restrict the mobility of refugees who are essentially guaranteed the right to freedom of movement in international law. Thus, it employs a regimes of mobility approach, along with the understanding of Bourdieu’s Symbolic Power to analyse the impact of labelling...
What Constitutes a Rural Area? Who Are the Villagers? Planning Space in the Changing Realities of the Rural Development Paradigm
Ayalp, Ekrem (2014-05-11)
In this paper, changing and transforming conditions not only of rural but also of peasants as a thought, an imagination and a representation are exhibited. What kind of changing potentials do these new conditions present for physical planning, as being an art of intervention to place, and its understanding and practices? The aim of this paper is to search for the possibilities of answering this question. Study is composed of two main parts. Development discourse refers to the process of articulating knowled...
What does the Turkish bureaucracy represent? Manifestation of the state-society relationship in the meaning worlds of the bureaucrats
Sayın, Çağkan; Aksoy, Şinasi; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2006)
This dissertation is an exploratory research that analyzes the representation of the state and its relationship with society in the meaning worlds of the Turkish bureaucrats. Accordingly, the research question of this dissertation has to do with political representation in the mindsets of bureaucratic actors. Regarding this question, we focused on the theory of representative bureaucracy and addressed its inadequacies in analyzing the issue of bureaucratic representation. In our view, representation is a ph...
What does the Concept of “21st Century Skills” Mean to Us?
Tanrıverdi Köksal, Fatma (2017-09-08)
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