Prediction of Relationship Satisfaction through Perfectionism and Trust

Asıcı, Esra
Şensoy, Gözde
İkiz, Fatma Ebru
In current study, the predictive role of perfectionism and trust in romantic relationships in the relation satisfaction of college students was investigated. The participants were 325 college students who have had a romantic relationship. Data was collected by Relationship Assessment Scale, Perfectionism in Romantic Relations Scale, Dyadic Trust Scale and a questionnaire. Data was analyzed by mean, Pearson Correlation and multiple lineer regression analysis. According to the results, there was positive relationship between relationship satisfaction, self-oriented perfectionism and dyadic trust; while there was negative relationship between relationship satisfaction and other oriented perfectionism. According to the results of multiple linear regression analysis; self-oriented perfectionism, other-oriented perfectionism and dyadic trust accounted for 33.3% of the change in the relationship satisfaction level. The increase in the self-oriented perfectionism and dyadic trust contribute to the increase in the level of relationship satisfaction; while the increase in other-oriented perfectionism leads to the decrease in the level of relationship satisfaction. The findings are discussed in the light of relevant literature and suggestions are presented.


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