2020 Mezuniyet Projeleri Kataloğu


Physics-based ground motion simulation of the 2020 Samos earthquake
Urhan, Yiğit; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül; Department of Civil Engineering (2022-9)
In this thesis, low-frequency ground motions of the 2020 Samos Earthquake at se lected ground motion stations are simulated using the spectral element method. For this purpose, rigorous mathematical derivation of the classical wave equation is pre sented first. Next, the spatiotemporal discretisation scheme involved in finite element and spectral element methods are derived. Then, a velocity model is constructed based on the velocity profiles provided by AFAD. For the source model, moment tensor solution of...
AB Rekabet Hukukunda Son Gelişmeler
Aşçıoğlu Öz, Gamze (null; 1999-12-23)
2018 Ulusal Mimarlık Ödülleri: Yapılar, Projeler, Fikirler
Kaymaz, Elif (Mimarlar Odası Yayınları, 2020-09-01)
2013 Eğitim Vizyonu Kapsamında Öğretmenlerin Sürekli Mesleki Gelişimi
Seferoğlu, Gölge (2019-03-21)
Participating in Erasmus student mobility program and cultural intelligence
Gökten, Özge; Emil, Serap; Department of Educational Sciences (2017)
The purpose of current study was to examine the role of adult sibling relationship quality (i.e., warmth, conflict and rivalry) in predicting career decision self-efficacy of university students after controlling for gender, age, birth order, sibling size, contact frequency, and physical distance between siblings. Participants were state university students whose ages between 18 and 25 in Ankara. Convenience sampling method was used, and the sample composed of 414 participants (257 female, 257 male). Adult ...
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