Kopernik'ten Einstein'a: Uzay, Zaman, Hareket

Reichenbach, Hans
Yaylım, Berk


Apartment block as the object of the generic city:Ankara
Ürger, Ahmet Mucip; Savaş Sargın, Ayşen; Department of Architecture (2004)
Ankara has experienced a radical transformation after 1950s, in which the أidentityؤ of the highly planned capital has been erased, emphasizing أhomogenizationؤ, أblanknessؤ and أsimilarity.ؤ The Apartment Block was the أobjectؤ of this condition and the أsubjectؤ of the transformation in the أurban identity,ؤ both with its physical existence and with the mind-set it has radiated to the whole levels of the society. It has stripped out the identity of the city with its "endless reproduction." This transforma...
The theory of generic difference fields
Yıldırım, İrem; Pierce, David; Department of Mathematics (2003)
A difference field M , is a field with a distinguished endomorphism, is called a generic difference field if it is existentially closed among the models of the theory of difference fields. In the language Ld, by a theorem of Hrushovski, it is characterized by the following: M is an algebraically closed field, s is an automorphism of M, and if W and V are varieties defined over M such that W is a subset of VU s (V ) and the projection maps W to V and W to s(V ) are generically onto, then there is a tuple a i...
Shopping malls in Ankara as the new “non-places” of the generic capital city
Erişen, Serdar; Sargın, Güven Arif; Department of Architecture (2013)
The primary aim of this study is to question the economic, social and spatial transformation processes in contemporary world and the influences of the late-capitalism on cities and architectural spaces especially by the rise of technological developments. In this respect, the study analyses the importance of the shopping malls as the new archetypes in these restructuring processes by reading “cross-cultural” theories on economy and society, and the spatial reflections of the changes in such structural relat...
Jenerik bir savaş uçağı modelinin dinamik kararlılık türevlerinin Ankara rüzgar tünelinde ölçülmesi
Alemdaroğlu, Nafiz; Şahin, Turgay; Uysal, Hüseyin; Nacaklı, Yavuz(2004)
MİSAG-196 projesinin amacı; "Zorlanmış Salınım" tekniğini kullanarak, Yalpa salimim hareketi yaptırılan "jenerik bir savaş uçağı" modelinin yalpa eksenindeki dinamik kararlılık türevlerinin Ankara Rüzgar Tünelinde ölçülmesidir. Daha önce (MİSAG 131 projesi kapsamında) yunuslama (pitch) ekseninde zorlanmış salınım hareketi yaptırılan bu modele MİSAG 196 projesi kapsamında yalpa (roll) ekseninde salınım yaptırılmış, ve söz konusu modelin yalpa eksenindeki statik ve dinamik kararlılık türevleri ölçülerek bulun...
Wellbore temperature assessment for generic deepwater well in Blacksea and mitigation of hydrate dissociation risk
Öztürk, M Tarık; Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2011)
Drilling operation expanded through deep water environments starting from mid-1980. As water depth increased, hydrate bearing formation in the shallow ocean floor is observed and that started to cause problems during drilling and production operations. Problems due to hydrate dissociation and forming during operations are also reported by the companies working in those environments many times. Although there are several factors affect the dissociation of shallow hydrate bearing sediments, heat flux from dee...
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