İspat Etkinlikleri ve Sınıf İçi Uygulamaları

Özgür, Zekiye
İşler Baykal, Işıl
Doğan, Muhammed Fatih


İşaret Karakteristikleri Kütüphanesi Uygulama Yazılımı
Yürekten, Özgür; Dinçer, Kıvanç; Tanyer, Süleyman Gökhun; İngeç, Tevfik Sinan (2002-06-04)
İşveren Kaynaklı Hızlandırmanın Süre ve Maliyet Analizi
Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Dikmen Toker, İrem (null; 2000-11-03)
Analysis of cytochrome P4501A1 genetic polymorphisms in patients with ischemic stroke
Adalı, Ayşe Çınar; Adalı, Orhan; Demirdöğen, Birsen Can; Department of Biochemistry (2011)
Stroke is the third leading cause of death worldwide and results in serious disabilities. Cytochrome P450 1A1 gene (CYP1A1) is a highly polymorphic gene encoding its corresponding xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme which is responsible from the metabolism of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are engaged with the formation of free radicals. Atherosclerosis is a major cause of ischemic stroke and this pathology may be associated with the disruption of vascular homeostasis due to the format...
Guidelines and principles for efficient interaction on large touchscreens with collaborative usage
Pekin, Tacettin Sercan; İşler, Veysi; Günel Kılıç, Banu; Department of Information Systems (2017)
Understanding collaborative usage of large-size screen systems is important for advancing the general study of human-computer interaction (HCI) as well as for guiding the designers while creating efficient interactive large-size systems. This thesis aims to provide guidance for the designers of collaborative large-size screen systems. It therefore gives background information about such systems, defines similarities and differences in existing systems, compares existing design guidelines and principles, tes...
Function and appearance-based emergence of object concepts through affordances
Atıl, İlkay; Kalkan, Sinan; Şahin, Erol; Department of Computer Engineering (2010)
One view to cognition is that the symbol manipulating brain interprets the symbols of language based on the sensori-motor experiences of the agent. Such symbols, for example, what we refer to as nouns and verbs, are generalizations that the agent discovers through interactions with the environment. Given that an important subset of nouns correspond to objects (and object concepts), in this thesis, how function and appearance-based object concepts can be created through a ffordances has been studied. For thi...
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Z. Özgür, I. İşler Baykal, and M. F. Doğan, İspat Etkinlikleri ve Sınıf İçi Uygulamaları. 2020.