Form driven adaptive, and reusable tunnel formwork for customized mass housing

Öziş, Ayşe Zeynep
The recent developments with Industry 4.0 have been added new agendas and methodologies in the manufacturing and designing process. Although data-driven architecture became more common in practice, forms are still determining with fabrication limitations. While these developments are changing the architectural environment, increasing population and need for accommodation are causing standardized design production, resulting in stereotyped living areas. Although conventional typologies have been changing, most of the mass housing projects remain their resemblances, and buildings are producing with the same methods. With this thesis, novel tunnel formwork in building construction without compromising sustainability and low costs wanted to be achieved. This experiment aims to evolve tunnel formwork to have flexible and reusable features. With these features, improvement of formal qualities of mass housing is targeted. Several experiments have been realized to obtain flexible and adjustable formwork, and results indicate that producing customized mass with adaptive and reusable tunnel formwork is promising. While form-driven features are offering precision and accuracy, reusability offers sustainability. Also, results show that these methods can evolve for larger structures to change stereotyped mass structure designs and evolve the architectural environment.
Citation Formats
A. Z. Öziş, “Form driven adaptive, and reusable tunnel formwork for customized mass housing,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2021.